This fabric jumped out at me and said “me, me, me”. The beautiful rich colours, the metallic embroidery thread that runs through it and the unusual felted holes. I’d never seen anything like it, it looks like something that belongs on a catwalk.

When the fabric arrived, I took some time to consider what to make. I narrowed it down to a cape or a cardigan but then decided on a cardigan as I would get much more wear out of it.

I decided to use a pattern that is tried, tested and loved, the Wiksten Haori. I’ve made several jacket versions of this pattern and love them all. This time I simply didn’t line it to turn it into a cardigan.

Let me show you the fabric up close, its’ so unique.

When cutting out the pattern pieces, I worked with the fabric on a single layer (rather than folded in double layer) to ensure that I could place the pieces exactly where I wanted them. This ensured that the rust stripes ran horizontally to balance out the cardigan, but I was also able to use this stripe vertically on the collar.

The fabric was really easy to work with. It cut and sewed like a dream. The only thing that I needed to do a little differently was to check each seam after stitching to ensure that I hadn’t got 2 holes together (therefore no fabric for the sewing machine to seam). Where this did happen I used a small zig zag stitch to catch the edges of where the fabric did touch.

I love the loose fit and dropped shoulders of this cardigan, it’s such a versatile garment to “throw over” any outfit. Above its worn over jeans and a cami, below its worn over a skirt and sweater.

You really need to see this garment up close, you can see a video of it here.

It was a quick and simple make, the Haori is a pleasure to make as its all straight lines. I took advantage of this by mixing up the horizontal and vertical stripe direction ie horizontal on the main body, vertical on the collar and contrast direction on the dropped sleeves. This makes the embroidered thread really “pop”.

I’m really happy with how this make turned out, it gets lots of love when worn out and about. A truly unique make which is one of the things that I love about being able to make my own clothes.

Thanks for reading and happy sewing.