Vintage shirt patterns seem to be not as popular amongst modern seamstresses as the dress ones. But there are so many beautiful options out there, and most of them are surprisingly more comfortable to wear than traditional shirts. 
I love wearing long sleeve shirts in winter, when it’s a bit too cold for short sleeves but is too warm for a wool dress. I was avoiding 50s shirts for a while because of the bulky look some of them have. There's a bit of a contrast there - while most of the 50s dresses are very fitted, shirts are quite loose and require a fitted high-waisted skirt to achieve the right silhouette. I decided to give it a try with Simplicity 8445 pattern. It’s so authentic and features front and collar all-in-one detail, interesting collar, deep yoke, pleats, kimono sleeves and pointed cuffs. Everything you'd expect from a 50s shirt! 
I must say that the pattern itself is not the easiest to work with due to some kind of a fault in it. At first, I couldn’t get why the collar doesn’t match the body piece but a quick search on the internet revealed that I’m not the only one with this problem and it’s a pattern error. I fixed it by making the collar piece shorter in the central part from both ways. Everything else was pretty smooth. I didn’t adjust or change anything else, apart from the placement of the buttons. To make it look neater I used flat stitches which worked perfectly for this design. I’m thinking of changing the buttons though to something prettier. Possibly the round pearly shank ones. 
The shirt is surprisingly comfortable to wear. And the kimono sleeves, which are not a very common option, are a big part of it. They make you use more fabric, but save time on the actual sewing process. Finishing the sleeve seems might be a bit tricky but it’s definitely worth it in the end. 
The fabric I used is an Italian cotton shirting one. It’s delicate, easy to work with, perfect weight for the blouse and is very high quality. On top of that, it’s surprisingly affordable! It also presses like a dream and washes really well. I used this exact fabric in other colours for my previous projects and I’ve never been disappointed with it. I love how this blouse turned out and I’m sure it’ll become one of my favourites this winter. 
I’d highly recommend the fabric to anyone who’s looking for the perfect material for a shirt or blouse, and the pattern to those seamstresses who don’t mind including some adjustments.