I have been wanting to do a hexagon quilt for quilt some time. 

These beautiful fabrics from Minerva Crafts offered up the perfect opportunity to dive right in to my first hexie quilt.

For this project, I used the following fabrics:

Using just 6 fat quarters, I was able to make a generous crib-sized quilt top.

After cutting out all the hexagons, I arranged them randomly. I've done quilts before where I try to create a repeating pattern but my favourite is always where the fabrics seem to come together without any predetermined placement.

Sometimes even with the best intentions, patterns still seem to emerge. I learned this tip a while ago and it has been very helpful. When you are trying to balance out pattern and particularly fabric value, take a photo of your quilt top once it's been laid out. Then using your phone's photo edit feature, convert it to black and white. You'll very quickly be able to see whether it balances, or if you need to move some fabrics around.

Generally this is a quick quilt top to put together. After laying out the hexies, then sew the individual hexies together in each row.

The tricky/time-consuming part comes when dealing with those pesky y-seams!  It's actually not that hard once you get the hang of it. I avoided it for a bit and then just jumped right in. The trick with the y-seam is making sure to leave a 1/4 inch open from the end of each edge. You work your way across the horizontals edge by edge and flip your fabric on each edge to line up each hexie. 

I used a pin on the right hand side of each edge not only to secure my fabric but also to mark where I needed to stop to make room for that 1/4 inch opening. It actually moved pretty quickly. 

I pressed the seams after each row. It was kind of satisfying to see that it was all coming together!

I can't wait to finish off this quilt. I'm thinking that I'll use a swirly quilting to bring together the fabric motif. And probably a simple white border and backing. 

Have you tried sewing with hexagons? What's your sewing fear that you need to conquer?