Hi there! Welcome to my first make of 2018!

Today’s make is definitely appropriate to a grey, wet, cold January; a snuggly and yet stylish sweatshirt in the most gorgeous fabric!

Let’s start by talking fabric. This is the Atelier Brunette Twinkle French Terry and it really is amazing. I was absolutely thrilled to be able to get hold of some of this; it has a habit of selling out incredibly quickly on most sites and I totally get that; this is definitely one of those times where you get what you pay for!

It’s incredibly soft and strokeable on the outside, whilst the inside is a fleecy and warm. It has a lot more drape than you’d normally expect from sweatshirting too and presses beautifully. I love the little dots of colour on it; they’re almost metallic looking and quite subtle but really add to the impact.

The pattern is also pretty cool. It’s by French company I Am Patterns and it’s their Zebre top. I used the PDF, but Minerva has the Paper Pattern version. As a pdf, this is sold as a pair with the Lion sweatshirt and both are sweatshirts with poppers at one side of the neckline and feature sleeves.

For the Zebre, that means lots of fullness in the sleeves which end in an exaggeratedly long cuff. This is very on trend, and I absolutely love the look. It’s also surprisingly practical; basically, the cuffs are long enough to keep all that extra fabric from trailing in your dinner!

In terms of sizing, this is my second version of the pattern and I played around with the sizes quite a lot to get the look I preferred. My measurements would have me cut a size 40 at the bust, grading to a 42 at the waist and hips. However, when I did this first time around, it felt too loose and the shoulders finished quite wide on me. This time around, I graded between a size 36 on the shoulder to a size 40 at the hip, simply by drawing line on the pattern pieces, and I’m much happier with the effect. The slimmer fit in the body to my mind better balances out the extra fullness in the sleeves.

The pattern went together pretty well, although I found I needed to refer to the sew along on their blog to get the instructions on that feature shoulder clear in my mind. It was worth it thought as I got to bring out the Prym Vario Pliers again and add some Pink Snaps to match the pink dots in the fabric; remarkably girlie for me but I love it! I used a little interfacing on the folded over edges just to hold things steady on my first version but didn’t bother this time around and the finish is still great.

So there you have it; a snuggly, warm sweatshirt that’s just that bit smarter than your average thanks to some great design details and a simply divine fabric; thanks Minerva!