Happy New Year! Now that we’re heading into the greyest, coldest months, where we are cruelly expected to take down the twinkle lights just when we need them most, I always find I need a bit of colour, don’t you? 
I’m becoming something of a connoisseur of this type of deceptively simple, unfitted sack dress pattern, and let me tell you: this is a good one.
The Adeline Dress by Style Arc looks quite similar to other dresses I’ve sewn, but it has some special tricks up it’s cuffed-up little sleeve. The thing that stands out most to me is the hem facing. I am living for this hem facing. It makes it. I love a slight cocoon shape, but often that gets lost in a drapier fabric. This (seriously lovely) fabric has some body to it in the first place, but then the hem facing seals the deal, giving the shape structure. 
It also allows for the perfect curved hem, shorter in back than in front - not aggressively so, this is not a mullet-hem, exactly - while keeping the actual sewing easy peasy. In fact, I would venture to say that this dress is more than sum of it’s sewing parts: it’s easy, fast, but has the structure details that give a really professional finish. I also love the neckline facing. I did take 4 inches off the length, which is a standard adjustment for me at 5’2’’, but I could happily lose one more in a future version. I’m also thinking of re-cuffing the sleeves slightly shorter. Other than that, I love the proportions. I’ve sewn a straight size 8 based on my bust size, and would do so again. My hip size would be two sizes larger, but there’s enough room. 
I’ve used Robert Kaufman Essex Linen Fabric in the delightfully named Pickle colour. It’s 55% linen, and 45% cotton - a mix I really like for the look of linen but more forgiving softness and wrinkle-resistance. I don’t personally mind a few wrinkles in a linen garment (indeed, it’s part of the charm), but some cotton (or viscose) does make for a nice compromise in terms of easy wearing. The colour, I admit, is not for the faint of heart but i absolutely love it. A good punch of colour on a simple shape just makes me happy. That said, I think I will make another version of this dress in plain white for summer. If I were of a minimalist bent (I’m not), I would say that white and black linen Adelines could see you through half the year. A bit of body is important here, in my opinion, so I would avoid rayon/viscose and other drape blends. Wax print would work well, as well as mid-weight printed cotton. Denim would be great too. 
For the rest of the winter, I will predictably be wearing mine with tights and boots and a slouchy cardigan, but in this colour I think it’s a year-round dress. In summer, all it needs is sandals. With this colour, simple styling is more than enough. 
Thanks for reading! Jo xx