Hello everyone!

This month I am back on the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network with a very summery make: a floral skirt! I’ve always been a huge fan of skirts and in fact I spent quite a few years during my teenage years wearing any kind of skirt you can imagine. I was so obsessed that I didn’t even own a pair of trousers in my wardrobe!

Over the years, there were some people who told me that longer skirts don’t really suit me and to be completely honest with you, sometimes I’ve listened to them. However, as I am getting older, I am realizing that I can wear whatever I want, whatever I feel beautiful in and that I shouldn’t listen to what others think about my personal style choices. So, I started wearing long skirts again as frequently as possible!

My love for this type of garment inspired me to design a skirt pattern at the end of last year: the Adriana. A half-pleated skirt with two variations: one for a simple waistband and one for a paperbag waist. For me, the Adriana is the epitome of style and femininity. Very classic design, with the pleats to one side adding a unique touch and making it stand out from other pleated skirts.

I have made 5 Adriana skirts during the testing phase, but all my samples were far too wintery. Naturally, I needed a light and breezy Adriana for the summer months and there was no better choice for it than a cotton lawn. Gosh, this Fabric is SO pretty! The colors of the print are just stunning and I’m pretty sure my photos don’t do it enough justice.

It was a dream to work with as it presses really nicely and allowed me to have very crisp pleats. Basically, it has all the joys of working with a cotton fabric, which always does what you tell it to do.

However, I have to be honest when I say that it creases a lot! I swear, like any other cotton lawn, it creases even when I am just looking at it, haha! Personally, I am used to ironing all my clothes in the summer, so I don’t really mind doing that for this skirt, but do keep that in mind if you hate this task.

Regarding the construction, everything was pretty much straightforward. The Adriana is a very quick and simple make and if you don’t opt for the paperbag waist, it is even quicker!

I paired my skirt with a plain, powder pink Ogden cami that I made last year. I think it’s a lovely combination and an outfit that I will wear a lot during the summer.

I hope you liked seeing this month’s make!

Until the next time, happy sewing!