I came across the term “sensation seeking” the other day. Sensation seeking is a trait we all have and includes the search for complex and new experiences; this month’s project is a perfect example of my sensation seeking trait. I have decided to call this “adventure sewing”. Let me start from the beginning….

It started with the fabric (as most of my projects do). This Loop Back Jersey Fabric defied my expectations. The medium of online shopping gives flexibility and convenience; however, pictures of a fabric are only half the story. We use what past knowledge we have of various textures, drapes to approximate and fill in the gaps that only tactile involvement can fill. As such, our filled in assumptions can only be as good as past experiences. 

But sometimes – the assumption is so way off base and the fabric you end up with is the most deliciously lush, soft, beautiful, drapey quality that you wonder why you didn’t order the whole lot! This, my friends is what happened to me with this fabric. At the point of ordering I had (vaguely) wanted to make something for my twins. By the time it came to cutting it, it was mine! Mine! Too awesome to be made onto something that will be outgrown – mine for eternity! The colours are rich and vibrant. I did a video on my YT channel showing the fabric if you’d like to see it in motion by clicking here.

Pattern wise I wanted to make something to play with the 2 colourways which are just as vibrant as each other – I now wish I had also got the pink. Alas never mind. Instead of making something that was simple I was craving an exotic and intense experience while making this up as well. Perhaps I wanted to match the intense feelings of joy I had for the fabric.

I turned to a Russian pattern company called Grasser. The instructions are in Russian, everything is in Russian but I liked the style of the top and once that vision became solid there was no turning back. I won’t go too much into the technical details of Grasser itself because I specifically wanted the extreme challenge. I didn’t use Google translate. The adventure for me was trying to figure out the order of construction and achieving the finish. And oh wow! I did have a blast! My brain was completely engaged. I was in the zone working out the puzzle of how many pieces to cut and which pieces were what. It was novel and intense. Crazy, I know but the fabric inspired me to go beyond. And the result was well worth it!

I LOVE THIS TOP! I used grey ribbing for the sleeve cuffs and black ribbing for the neckband. It’s so comfy that I have been wearing it almost every day since sewing it up. I’m not one for pushy sales but seriously if you like this fabric, you better buy it before I get the whole lot! I want to make matching jogger pants, dresses for my girls, a Blackwood cardigan…the list goes on ?

Thanks ever so much for reading!

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