Welcome to my fifth Minerva Crafts post. Where has that time gone?
This project was pure indulgence. I have always wanted to make a crochet African Flower cushion. I love how there is neither a front nor a back, with the hexagons just being sewn together along the long seam.
I sealed the short edges with some single, double and treble crochet to fill in the triangular spaces left in between the hexagons and then joined the two sides together with another row of double crochet.
This cushion will so remind me of a sunny June sat in the garden. Once I had the pattern in my head it was very relaxing just working on 7 of the hexagons at a time in the same colour way.
And working out the arrangement of hexagons to ensure I had no two the same side by side.

The African flower pattern, I took from the Heidi Bears Blog. She has a great step by step tutorial.

I might even progress onto one of her bears next.

You can find the link to her bear pattern here.

This was my initial bundle of yarn. Cotton Soft DK yarn by King Cole.

I've not much left over and would definitely use it again. Soft with a slight sheen when worked up.

My daughter has her eyes on this cushion but I think I am keeping it for myself. This is one to be admired, not to have hot chocolate dripped on it or to collect dust from her laminate floor.

Love Lucie x