Jersey dresses are the quickest to make when it comes to flattering and comfortable garments. Especially when you pick the right pattern and fabric!As some of you probably noticed, I love wearing jersey dresses during winter months. But it’s definitely not the only occasion for them. Different fabrics and prints can work perfectly for the coolest or warmest dresses and sometimes you can even use the same pattern for them.
As soon as Tilly and the Buttons’ latest book was released I was looking forward to sewing the Joni dress (yes, it took me quite a while to start this project!). It seemed so elegant and flattering. The only thing I was worried about was the raised waistline. I’m not a fan of this feature and I was seriously considering lowering it. At the same time, I really wanted to give this pattern a go in its original design… And I’m so happy I did! It doesn’t give any extra inches around the waist, which is something I wanted to avoid. It looks amazingly flattering around the waist area and I really love the 3/4 skirt. For some reason, it’s not often you see patterns with a full skirt. I guess it seems to be a less affordable option since you need more fabric comparing to a bodycon version? It might be, but Joni’s full skirt is definitely worth it. 
It was a very quick and easy make and I managed to finish it in a couple of days, even though I was still busy doing other things.That’s more than quick for a slow seamstress like me.
I picked Art Gallery Cotton Jersey for my project. It has a very unusual print. Most  floral or leafy prints are very summery. They have screamingly bright vivid colours and usually lighter backgrounds. This fabric is a 100% Autumn one. It has quite a subtle background, golden leaves and late flowers. Not a surprise, since it truly is from an Autumn Art Gallery’s range. It’s absolutely perfect for Autumn or Winter dresses when you don’t want to wear solids, but at the same time, you aren’t intending to look like you’re trying to bring summer back by wearing your beach wardrobe. 
As for the quality of this fabric…It’s too good to be true. It’s the softest cotton jersey I’ve ever touched. It almost feels brushed, that’s how cosy it is. It worked well after washing and spinning, but I’d highly recommend to lay it flat to dry (be it during pre-wash or after washing the completed garment). It’ll prevent it from stretching which is a normal thing for any jersey fabrics.This fabric is of the highest quality and is absolutely worth its price. It can be used for any sewing projects and if it’ll be your first Art Gallery jersey fabric I can assure you…it won’t be the last one.