Hi everyone, and happy New Year! I hope the new decade has been treating you all well and that you are well-rested and prepared to start this year with a good sewing session. I myself got quite ill during the holidays, but I’m back on track and ready to make this year a positive one. 

The first majorly thing I did this year was to change my name. YES! Change my name! Or at least added my husband’s name to it. I’ve been debating on it ever since I got married 2,5 years ago and suddenly after we got home (at 5 in the morning) on January 1st I decided and went online and did it right then and there. It’s still very very strange! That was a personal update, now let’s get back to the sewing!

I’m slowly working my way up to make more knitted dresses and this one had to be done. I’ve seen countless variations of this pattern and it is so flattering for so many body types. I’m talking about the Aldaia dress from Pauline Alice Patterns of course.

On the main page, it says to have three variations A, B and C. But to break it down, the pattern has a princess seam bodice on all variations, but it has three sleeve lengths, three different necklines and three different skirts, so there are more than three variations in total as you can combine them as you like. 

For my project, I made the ¾ sleeve length from view A, the faux wrap bodice from view B, and the flare panel skirt from view C. 

To make this pattern I needed a knit fabric. On Pauline Alice Patterns page under fabric suggestions for the dress, it says “Medium weight knit fabrics with 20% to 30% stretch such as cotton jersey, ponte milano, neoprene, french terry…”

I went with Minerva's viscose jersey fabric in a bottle green colour. The fabric is easy to care for and comes in a jaw-dropping 57 (if I counted right) different colours! I’m resisting the urge of making another one in the same fabric in colour wine, Bordeaux or dark red. The width is 155 cm long making it a  bit longer than an average length. The fabric contains 92% Viscose and 8% Elastane, making it very stretchy (maybe too stretchy?). As it contains elastane, it holds its shape very well and doesn’t “hang” after a days use. The fabric itself is categorised as “Heavy” and drapes beautifully. Just look at the skirt when I swish!

This dress will get a lot of wear I believe as I’ve used it twice this week already. The comfortable wear of a knit dress on cold days is highly appreciated. And yes, of course, I added pockets to make it even more convenient! Did you ever doubt me? Me neither. 

I hope your sewing year will be great and that you get the precious time for all you wishing project of the year. I made a promise to myself to prioritise my sewing and go out of my debt and making trousers and coats this year. There are a few sewing challenges on Instagram that you can follow. At the moment in January, there is #SewFancyPants2020 and #SewYourBooks and others you might want to check out. Have a good one!