Hi all, it's Kathy here from Sew Dainty. My Minerva make this month is The Brumby Skirt from Megan Nielsen Patterns
This Autumn I was on the look-out for a simple knee length gathered skirt with pockets, that I could make using a pretty patterned Needlecord Fabric. The Brumby was exactly the style that I was looking for. It's a gathered skirt with deep scoop pockets and you have the option to make it in three different lengths, with or without pockets. The amount of fullness of the gathers varies depending on which length you choose, which I think is really cool, and also not forgetting the pretty feature of an exposed zip at the back.
After quite some deliberation, I chose this floral patterned babycord which features a pretty pink, mustard and green floral design set against a stunning mauve background. There are so many fabric options open to you with this pattern. I love the denim versions that I have noticed online, as you can really make a feature of the topstitching details on this skirt with that fabric type, but it would easily work in a lighter weight woven fabric for a more Spring/Summer appropriate garment. Unfortunately Minerva have sold out of this exact fabric, but they have lots of other Cord Fabrics to choose from.
I used a combination of my regular sewing machine and my overlocker for this project. For the seams, hem and topstitching I used a matching thread and just for fun decided to mix up my overlocker threads, for neatening the seams. For this I picked four Autumnal colours that I had in my thread stash.
Don't forget when cutting out with any type of corduroy that is has a nap, and to make sure to lay all your pattern pieces so that the nap runs in the same direction with every piece. 
Something that I didn't take into consideration before I got to the cutting stage was that this skirt has a seam running vertically down the centre front. In an ideal world I would have liked to have pattern matched this seam, (and the side and back seams for that matter), but didn't have enough fabric to do this. Fortunately the floral design is quite busy and I think it didn't really matter than none of the seams are matched! 
Also, a lint roller is a useful tool when working with corduroy, and you might want to 'de-fluff' your machines after you have finished!
I made Version 1 of the pattern, which is the above the knee length version. I had to shorten it still, but I expected this as I am 5'2".
What I really like about this version is that it has fewer gathers than the other versions. The gentle gathers ensure a flattering fit on your hips. I was also not expecting to love the wide waistband and full expecting to narrow it down, but I think the width is just perfect and balances out the rest of the skirt nicely.
Now ..  the pockets. I think the style of the deep scoop pockets is amazing, but they are WAY too low for me. You might be able to see in my first picture above that even with my arms fully stretched they barely reach the pockets, which is disappointing, but something I can adjust another time. Next time I make it I will need to shorten the skirt at a point between the waistband and the pockets, and this will bring the height of the pockets up. Lesson learned. 
Finally, and I think the prettiest part of the skirt, is the exposed zip at the back. I feel that every zip I insert just lately is a concealed zip and whilst I like the finish that this gives, I was super excited to pop in a metal toothed exposed zip on this skirt. The written instructions in the pattern for this procedure are very good, and they have clear black and white illustrations to help you with each step. If you prefer more assistance with this, Megan Nielsen provide a tutorial on their blog here which you might find helpful too.
The combination of the fabric and skirt pattern has really made me happy this month. On colder days you will find me pairing it with cosy tights and a cropped jumper.
Huge thanks as always to Minerva Crafts for the supplies used in this make. I can see this skirt pattern getting lots of use in the future, especially when I get the pocket height right. As I mentioned earlier, a lightweight denim version is now on my mind ...
Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to seeing you all next month with another skirt!
Take care,
Kathy x