As I write this the sun is shining through my window, so it seems a bit silly I'm writing up a blogger make for a raincoat! However this is Lancashire, and more specifically Darwen, so rain is NEVER far away! 
When I saw Nicole's Red PVC coat of Joy I new I had to up my game. This year so far has been the year of the 'tricky' fabric, so when I saw this tutorial on Pinterest I knew what I had to do. I had to work with PVC! 
I chose the clear PVC Fabric to make my own version of the clear raincoat. I intend to make many many many projects this coming summer and I don't want them to be hidden under a raincoat, so the clarity of this fabric (is it right to call it fabric?) is spot on. The pink that you can see is, believe it or not, Scotch/Duct tape! I love a punky pink and when I stumbled across this in Lidl of all places I new this project truly had to be! I also used Kilt Buckles as fasteners.
I only planned to use one of the buckles, but I ended up creating a double breasted effect, which will be explained later, so I felt the double closure was stylistically and functionally the way to go.
Now as you can see there's a lot of...body, with this fabric! I kind of like it, but if I was to do this kind of project again I would definitely make a more structured full jacket. Due to the stiffness of the fabric, having it as a 'fasten in the middle' kind of thing wasn't really an option. It didn't really sit right so when I frumped my arms in a huff the fabric fell over itself and sat quite nicely, so the image you see was born!
The edging, as I mentioned, is just scotch tape. Being super sticky it just holds really well and is water resistant, I'm told. I sliced it down the centre making it around 25mm in width and I just placed it as evenly as I could (not to much avail admittedly) around the edge. 
The neck is edged in a Cerise Grosgrain Ribbon to make a nice soft neckline. This is one of the only items that is actually stitched onto the garment, the other being the buckles. On the tute she uses glue A LOT to not pierce the fabric keeping it as water tight as possible, but I'm not gentle and have all the grace and tact of a clown fight so I'd end up ragging the things off so stitched these new bits.
I was tempting fate with this photo but in my defense it took the rain days to arrive!
This was very much a love/hate project. I love the outcome and I think it's super stylish but I hate sewing vinyl! I used a super strong thread for the buckles and hand sewed them using leather and vinyl needles. My poor little fingers! No pain, no gain though, right?
I'd really encourage you all to branch out and use tricky fabrics. IF you never use it again at least you've tried and you know!
Keep an eye out on my blog and here on the Minerva Crafts blogger network for my "Sew My Suitcase" challenge! and of course of course share your makes with us, we love to see them too!
Craft or Glory!
Katie B