Hello Duckies,

So - I always start these blogs the most English way possible, talking about the weather - well I’m not going to stop that now because it has been so hot - I love it, I can’t help but be super happy when it’s sunny and this heat wave is bringing all the joy!! I think part of my joyfulness comes from the clothes I wear in the sunshine too - I am getting a chance to prance around in my handmade summer wardrobe - in all it’s bright, beautiful glory! This latest Minerva make might now top that as it’s in the colour that makes me the happiest - yellow!

I have to start by talking about my bike, the perfect backdrop! I got this beauty a couple of weeks ago on ebay - I have wanted this exact bicycle for a while so when it popped up on my alert I jumped straight on it and I’m besotted! When I was planning the photoshoot whilst finishing my Arielle skirt I suddenly shouted (out loud) THIS WILL GO SO WELL WITH MY BIKE! I terrified Hobbes who was sleeping under the desk at the time! But I was right - it really does! Not practical to actually ride wearing it sadly but a PERFECT backdrop! Also the shoes… are another Ebay purchase - this time much less successful - I mean they look amazing and suit this outfit incredibly well but they are SO PAINFUL! I could only wear them for the minutes it took to get a few pictures before pulling them off in agony - what a shame! The top is a Gable Top by Jennifer Lauren handmade and a total success so you win some, you lose some!! ;)

OK I better actually talk about the reason I am here - the skirt!!

I make no secret that I love Tilly and The Buttons (who doesn’t?!) and I have made nearly all her patterns including last Minerva’s make - The Mila Dungarees! I have really connected with Tilly’s aesthetics and it is one of the only indie patterns that I always want to make exactly what I see on the pattern envelope. I have wanted a yellow Arielle since it first came out and I finally made it happen thanks to Minerva.

This Sewing Pattern is brilliant - it comes with two options for skirt length - mini or pencil length and this was my hardest decision - I love both so much and even after looking through the popular #sewingarielle tag on instagram I was still torn. It wasn’t until I had it all laid out ready for cutting that I just made a snap decision to go mini and I’m so happy I did as it’s got such a great 60s vibe that I’m loving here!

The instructions are brilliant but I have been known to go off piste and forget to actually follow them when I think I know what’s going on. I have also been known to miss really important information this way and I don’t seem to be learning from my mistakes… Oops I did it again… this skirt is the wrong way round! I should have read through the cutting plan instead of going into layplan autopilot as it says you have to cut some pattern pieces wrong side up - this would created a skirt with the buttons on the left hand side… mine are on the right… oops! Things like this never bother me - mine is just going to drive on the other side of the road!!

The fabric this lovely Bedford Cord Cotton Rib Fabric which I hadn’t come across before. It’s like corduroy with bigger gaps and alternating ribs and it’s super soft - perfect for the Arielle. It cuts, sews and presses really well. I want to use more of this for other projects and it comes in bright orange and green too so I’m tempted to get some of each - ooh an orange Arielle! :)

I did the lined version and used this great Polyester Lining Fabric which contrasted brilliantly and was really easy to sew and press.

Those curved corners are tricky and this lining has absolutely no stretch but I did the best I could!

The buttons are the best!! I do have a thing for flower shaped ones buttons so it was an easy decision to go with these Flower Shape Buttons teal that go so well with the yellow skirt. Since discovering my button sewing on foot and function on my Pfaff Passport 2.0 sewing machine I basically only buy buttons with holes in them too. I sewed these all on in minutes! Also the buttonholes were a cinch in this fabric too!

This has wardrobe staple written all over it - I have already worn it to an event and it’s perfect for summer but also will look fantastic with tights for A/W - you gotta love an all year rounder!

Right I better get on bike and go look for some comfortable shoes!

Huge thanks Minerva for continuing to fill up my memade wardrobe with beautiful things!

Lots of sunny love to you all!