I love floral fabrics, I love looking at them, I love buying them, I love sewing them but not so much wearing them. I am not sure why, but I just don’t reach for my floral garments too often. So I try to stay away from floral fabrics and I’ve been really good for a really long time. Until now!

Enter Lady McElroy ‘Artsy Leaf’ viscose challis, so buttery soft and feathery light! Not technically a flower print, looks like a floral but it’s actually just leaves. Very colourful leaves in many different shades and sizes, I think this will see more wear. I was going to make a dress but decided eventually to go for a separate tank and maxi skirt. The top will definitely get worn a lot, there are still a lot of hot days coming this summer.

We’re currently experiencing a heatwave and this ‘dress’ has been the perfect outfit for walking the dog and taking the boys to the park. The top feels like it’s barely there, and the skirt is very roomy and flowy.

For the top I used a Burda pattern from the August 2019 issue (https://www.burdastyle.com/silk-tank-a-b-114-08-19.html). It is very quick and easy to make and I think I will be wearing it well after the summer is over, with a cardigan, maybe even on top of a plain tshirt.

The skirt is a ‘freestyle’ pattern. Basically, I had 2 metres of this fabric. A maxi skirt for me needs to be about 92cm from the waist down. I cut (actually snipped and ripped) 92cm out of the 2m I had, decided to use 48cm out of that for a front, the rest 92cm for the back. I cut the other front from the other metre of fabric and the top was cut out of what was left. I managed to get a waistband and pockets for the skirt as well from the remaining fabric.

There is a button band on the skirt, just for show, no actual buttonholes, but I thought it would look nice. And it does when you look closely, otherwise it’s mostly invisible. I used 5 buttons - 1 on the waistband and the rest evenly spread to knee level. The right button band is topstitched on the left down to the knee as well. This was a design choice I made in the early stages when I was still thinking of having a much narrower skirt (about as wide as the fabric itself all around) and wanted to allow for walking.

The front waistband is flat and the back is elasticated, I have interfaced both because the fabric is very light and I wanted the waistband to have some body and keep snug. I did the front a bit too wide, the side pockets landed too far back :D but I can work with that. At least I have pockets, I made them deep enough to keep everything secure! And they are anchored at the waist so they won’t flop inside the skirt when walking.

We’re going on a short holiday soon, I am packing this ‘dress’ for sure!