This smart, friendly, kind-hearted boy turned 9 last month. This boy loves videogames and his favourite one for quite some time has been Undertale and his favourite character is Asriel, pictured below in one of his forms (there are multiple forms he can take):

Seb and I chose the fabric together - the Sweatshirt Fleece Fabric has the perfect weight for a hoodie, and the green and yellow were perfect for what we had in mind. We had to go with a different sweatshirting for the hood as the white was not available for the first one. Luckily the weight of both fabrics was very similar, with the ivory one only slightly heavier.

When the fabrics arrived Seb was very happy with our choices, he said the colours were exactly what he wanted them to be. And the fabric is so soft and cuddly, I’m thinking it would be great for a loungewear set.

I have a good collection of Burda magazines and a few Ottobre ones but I couldn’t find a basic set-in-sleeve pattern in any of them. I was debating buying a new pattern but then decided to try and merge 2 different Ottobre patterns - 37 and 40 from issue 3/2015.

We decided together where the stripes would go and how wide they would be - he was happy with having them 2 inches wide.I places one stripe just below the armscye and then I centred the other one vertically between the first one and the hem. There were A LOT of pattern pieces that looked all very similar so I labelled them and left the pattern pieces pinned to the fabric until I started sewing.

When sewing, I aligned all the pieces for the main parts in turn, starting with the back, then fronts and then sleeves, sewing them one by one, making sure I am not mixing anything up.

The hood was a bit fun, I didn’t notice that the band going all the way around was drafted for a ribbed fabric. I struggled a bit but I managed to stretch it and ease the whole hood in. The sweatshirt fabric was heavy enough not to require any lining, so I tried to ‘beautify’ the centre seam by using an embroidery stitch to cover the seam allowances. A coverstitch machine would do a better job but this doesn’t look too bad either. The fabric doesn’t fray at all so the decorative stitch is good for the job.

The boy is very happy with his hoodie. I made him a few things over the year but he was never too impressed. Not that he didn’t like what I made, but he’s not too fussed about what he’s wearing. This time it was different because the garment was connected to something he was very passionate about.

We discussed making an ‘Asriel hoodie’ a few months back and I thought his birthday would be a good time to have it ready for. I actually finished the hoodie that morning, right before decorating his cake :D