Hi friends, Sophie here again. I’m back this month to show you the skirts I made for this months post. I didn’t actually think of this before I took the pictures, but they are both asymmetrical!

Let’s start with the fabric. I needed a medium weight fabric to make the skirts and the suggestions for both skirts was very similar. Cotton, twill, linen, chambray or gabardine, a fabric that will hold its shape without being too thick. I made a mental dance in my head when I found this beautiful quality fabric. It is the gabardine twill suiting dress fabric. 

The fabric was perfect with a mixture of polyester and viscose making it incredibly soft AND it keeps its shape well. It is at 147 cm wide which means I only needed one meter to make the skirt in my size. For these skirts, I went with the colours black, wine and bottle green. Yes, bottle green again. I have a problem I know... 

First of the Safor skirt. The Safor skirt is a pattern from Pauline Alice patterns which has a faux wrap and asymmetrical panels. It is high waisted and there is a version for a miniskirt and one that is knee-length. There is an option for colour blocking the different panels which makes it great for scrap busting too. The skirt has two inseam pockets at the front between the yoke and skirt panel. Other notions for the skirt is a button and an invisible zipper.

The skirt is quite a hip-hugging pencil skirt, which I don’t have a lot of. My waist and hip ratio does not fall into the same size, which isn’t surprising. I traced out the size 40 at the waist and graded it out to a size 42 at the hips and to the hem. I also made a slight big butt adjustment to the back yoke and skirt panel. The best part about this skirt is that it has these cute pockets at the front that fit my phone perfectly.

The skirt is fitted and I like it very much, but I would also like more wiggle room by the hips so for my next one I’ll be sizing out a bit more at the hips. I knew by making the miniskirt version that it would be a mini, and it looks great standing, but I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing it without tights. 

The second (and third) skirt I made was the Agave skirt. The skirt is a pattern from Deer and Doe’s spring and summer collection 2019. I haven’t had the time to make it before, and now it’s kind of ridiculous given how quick of a make this was! This easy-going A-line asymmetrical wrap skirt was fun such a fun one. The only notions you need is 2-4 buttons depending on which versions you’re making. 

Version A is a reversible wrap skirt where the lining and the main fabric can be used as fronts, and version B has just one side with hidden-button closure. Speaking of buttons, for this skirt I found these incredibly cute pocket watch buttons from Dill. The green skirt has black pocket watches and the black skirt has white ones.

As you figured out, I made version A of the skirt. I think it’s perfect if you’re having solid on one side and print on the other to make the difference bigger. It would also be taking you from work to play in no time. But as my wardrobe needed a black skirt and I wanted the green one as well. I made the skirt in a size 40 at the waist and graded it out to a size 42 at the waist.


I hope you’ve found some inspiration from this post. Keep on sewing!