Hello all! Today I have a new dress to share with you. I saw this fabric on the Minerva Crafts Instagram and instantly fell in love with the colour scheme, which screams autumn to me. It is a Crepe Fabric, and I normally avoid crepe fabrics like the plague, but the print was enough to persuade me to give the fabric the benefit of the doubt.
Design wise, I knew from the beginning that I wanted a simple smock dress, loosely fitted with a gathered skirt starting just above the natural waist. Something that I could easily layer long sleeved t-shirts under. Pattern wise I used my bodice block, which only has waist darts. I left these unsewn which gave me the ease at the waist that I wanted. I left the seam allowance off from the bottom of the bodice so that the skirt would sit higher than my actual waistline. The skirt is two gathered widths of the fabric which in length were just the measurement of the the fabric I had leftover after cutting the bodices out, divided by two.
I wanted the bodice to have a V neck because I think it works super well with a polo-neck and I do like it on this dress, but I definitely could have gone lower. Especially as it will always be worn over t-shirts. I was determined that this dress would pull on and off over the head, and it’s definitely doable, but I definitely could have made it easier for myself if I’d made the v neck lower, or if I’d just taken an extra 10 minutes to put a zip in.
No zip did mean that this dress came together really quickly, and I minimized the hand sewing by fully lining the bodice. This meant that I could zip round the neckline and the armholes by machine and turn the bodice through. The only hand sewing needed was to slip stitch the bodice lining to the waist seam. The only exposed seams in the dress are the side seams, which were automatically finished as I used the full width of the fabric for each panel, so it’s a really satisfyingly clean finish on the inside.
I purposefully made the skirt quite short to counteract the loose and high waist. It has a 1.5” hem turned over twice which gives it enough weight to hang beautifully. I considered adding pockets but decided that the crepe was too lightweight, that the weight of my phone in the pockets would drag the whole thing down so it wasn’t worth the extra time it would take. I love the fullness of the skirt. It gives the dress really nice movement, especially when spinning.
So in conclusion, I loved making this dress and I love wearing it. What more can a person ask for?!

Thank you very much for reading, and to Minerva Crafts for providing the supplies for this project!

Lauren xx