I am in love with this beautiful geometric print Fabric. I’ve bought it before to make cushion covers (yes that’s right – I can now officially match my clothes to my cushions and I’m not even sorry!) but I’ve been wanting to sew up an outfit with it for ages. It’s such a gorgeous mix of colours, but without being overly bright or in your face. The texture is also wonderfully soft and silky but still has lots of structure.

My Minerva make this month was once again defined by limited sewing time so I’m continuing my tops and tees theme, this month using the Simplicity Sewing Pattern number 8061. 

This pattern comes with loads of options to make tees with square, round, jewel and v necklines, with or without sleeves. All of the designs are pullover so I would suggest choosing a fabric with a little more give than my beautiful Aztec choice, or even adding a zip. I’ll be shimmying my top into place instead, but it’s worth it.

I decided to go with design E which is a short sleeve v-neck top with small side splits. Because of my fabric choice this became quite a fitted garment (apart from my Betty Dress) and I’m delighted with how it came out.


The darts are perfectly placed to make a really flattering fit across the chest, not always easy with a fabric with little to no stretch, and it fits really neatly around my waist. For my darts I used my new favourite sewing accessory, an Air Erasable Pen, which made marking, pinning and sewing them in an absolute breeze.

The length is also just right for me. I have quite a long body and I did wonder mid-sew whether I should have extended the length. But, as so often seems to be the way I just ploughed on, hoped for the best and got lucky.

The pattern calls for interfacing for the neckline but I actually left this out as my fabric didn’t really need it. I’m so pleased with my neckline (blowing my own trumpet here), I think it’s the neatest I’ve sewn yet and necklines no longer fill me with dread. I did realise afterwards that I was about half a cm away from having a perfectly placed pattern lined up with the centre of the top but hey – you live and learn and if anyone points it out I’m calling it a design quirk.

I should also mention that when it came to the sleeves I actually made them much shorter than the pattern asked (you can see in this image how much spare sleeve there was after I pinned them into place). I prefer shorter capped sleeves generally and I also felt that with the fabric I was using they’d be more comfortable with much more room for movement.

All in all I’m really pleased with my new top. This design could be such a staple in my wardrobe – dressing it up with silky fabrics or dressing down with fun patterned cottons. I love that there are so many variations on this pattern and I’ll definitely be sewing another and practising some new necklines!