The moment my husband saw this Fabric he recalled an eighties rock tune “Rock Lobster”. As an RnB/Hip Hop/Disco/Dance girl myself, I had no idea to what he was referring to. A quick search on YouTube and I was left whelmed (neither overwhelmed nor underwhelmed). The point is that it became known as the B-52 Rock Lobster shirt from that moment on, even before it was cut out.

There is something about those lobsters on cotton poplin – they are so charming with the little eyes that feel like they are winking at you. I liked the fact the print is not directional which made pattern matching across the front a bit easier. The fabric sews and presses well. I love a fabric that takes a steam iron beautifully; one of my favourite bits of this project was pressing the seams. It has a smooth finish on the surface. Though it is a poplin it has a slightly similar drape to chambrays which was a surprising revelation when I opened the parcel. If you’d like to see it in motion I did a fabric haul of my Minerva makes fabrics on YouTube here – Fabric Haul Video.

The collar came out so crisp. I used contrast fabric in the slate colour way for the inner cuffs, under collar, under placket on sleeve and inner collar stand. I considered using the red for more pop but I think the lobsters on their own didn’t need anything extra. There are four colours ways to choose from.

I decided to flex my drafting skills and draft a shirt pattern for him that didn’t have a center front button placket. I did this because he has some M&S shirts that don’t have a button placket that I like. Instead of a separate button placket I drafted from the center front to add half an inch for the fold line then double the width of the placket to fold up. I didn’t do a line of topstitching either. The folded placket is held down by the buttons one side and buttonholes on the other.

After he tried it on I realised that without the separate button placket and topstitching it creates the look of a dress shirt usually worn with tuxedos. I am curious to see who this will look with a plain fabric. Incidentally, I placed the buttonholes between the lobster claws. These are the little things that make sewing such a joy!

I also wanted to make him a slimmer fit shirt which I did by adding two fish eye darts at the back so it achieves the tapered look at the waist that is a marker for slim fit shirts. I am very proud of how the shirt sleeve placket turned out – I ventured outside of my comfort zone to try out a new way of sewing it and it turned out to be the most impeccable shirt placket I have yet sewn. I used the excellent directions on Off the Cuff – A Shirt Making Blog which I highly recommend for anyone seeking to take their shirt making game to the next level.

He is very pleased with this shirt – especially the fit. He likes the look of a slimmer fit. But mostly he was proper chuffed when his workmates also immediately thought of B52’s Rock Lobster when he rocked up to work with it. I leave you with the first verse the song:

We were at a party

His earlobe fell in the deep

Someone reached in and grabbed it

It was a rock lobster

Rock lobster

Rock lobster

Thanks for stopping by and until next time, Happy Sewing!