I’ve got this fabric planning for a pair of Landers but, as I was checking my Burda magazines looking for something or other, I came across this pattern (https://burdastyle.ru/vikroyki/dzhinsy/dzhinsy-burda-2009-8-106/) from the august 2009 issue. I’ve made this pattern before as shorts for my sister and used 3 other patterns from the same magazine - it’s obviously my favourite issue ever and my most used.

This denim has an interesting texture, I;ve seen it before but didn’t know it was called ‘barkweave’. The 2% spandex content give it just enough stretch to make them comfortable when fitted so closely. I think it would make some lovely skinny jeans, such as the Gingers - I already have 5 pairs (I think, I kind of lost count!) but none of them are in a classic denim colour so I might add another indigo pair to my collection soon.

Speaking of indigo - I was very pleasantly surprised to see that this fabric doesn’t bleed colour everywhere. I have made indigo jeans before and my hands, my sewing machine and most surfaces close to my sewing area were very blue. With this one I managed to get all the extra dye out in the prewash.

The pattern for this jeans runs a bit bigger than what I expected but that must be because another view of the same pattern was used for a pair of wool trousers. So I had to take them in quite a bit, I wanted them to be as tight as possible from the waist to the knee, going fuller from the knee down.

I had to shorten the pattern by about 2in, that’s roughly the amount I shorten any trousers. I’m happy with the length as it is, it looks good with heels and with flats (which is how I will wear them most of the time).

I did a lot of topstitching on this jeans but it’s mostly invisible :(

I used matching topstitching thread and I really wish I went for something more contrasting, maybe a classic gold thread, to make all that detailing stand out.

But the buttons I used are amazing! They’re called bachelor buttons - I imagine it’s because they don’t need sewing rather than not needing hammering - you just press the button over the stud with your bare fingers and you’re done!

I’m happy I finally got to make this pattern for myself. It’s been my list for so long and they go so well with many of the tops in my wardrobe. The two tops I’m wearing in the photos are some of my old Minerva makes, the Adrienne top and a Nettie bodysuit in spotty Art Gallery jersey knit. I’m sure they will look just as good with some cozy warm jumpers when the weather cools down.