Hello all! I've just started a new dressing job which means wearing a lot of black clothes in my future. This t shirt is the perfect basic to add to my dressing wardrobe.
The fabric is labelled as Loop Back Jersey Fabric but it was much lighter weight than I expected it to be when it arrived which is why I made a t shirt instead of the anticipated sweatshirt because the fabric was much more suited to it. It does have a looped back though so it'll be warmer to wear than your standard single jersey. 
When I first considered what to make I wanted a t shirt with a twist. Something to elevate a basic into a more interesting piece. After a fair bit of browsing I debated ruffles or fun seams or a twist somewhere, but I'm not convinced about me and ruffles, I didn't think that the fabric was really stable enough for fun seams and the looped back of the fabric wouldn't work with a twist. I decided that really all I wanted was a basic tee so that was what I did.
It was a super quick process to put together. I used the Lark Tee Pattern by Grainline Studio in the smallest size and the only alteration I made was to widen the sleeves through the length of the sleeve but keeping the width of the top and bottom of the sleeve the same.
I overlocked everything and I'm so glad that my overlocker is working again because it looks so professional when it looks how it's supposed to! The overlocker will only play nicely with 3 threads but they seem to be holding together perfectly fine.
The neckline is finished with a band which I cut the width of masking tape a couple cm shorter than the neckline. I left the sleeve and body hems raw because I wanted all the length I could get, especially from the sleeves. I threaded all of the overlocker tails into the seam allowance to keep it neat and to stop them from unraveling. I don't think it took more than 1 and a half hours from start to finish.
In summary I'm really pleased with my basic tee. It's going to be a real workhorse for me in my new job.
Thanks so much for reading and to Minerva Crafts for the supplies for this project,  Lauren xx