Hi there! It’s that time again: time to share my latest make for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network.

As a sewist, there can definitely be a temptation to always go for the most beautiful print and the fanciest pattern and make real statement items. Lord knows, that’s my style a lot of the time! But there is a lot to be said for well made basics in beautiful quality fabrics that whisper, rather than scream, me made.

Today’s make is one of those “basic” beauties. However, the combination of pattern and fabric together make this feel rather special.

Let’s start with the fabric. This Jersey is by Art Gallery Fabrics. It’s a very simple cream and black striped jersey. Nothing special, you might think. You’d be wrong.

The observant amongst you will know that I sew a lot of jersey garments. Hence, I’ve sewn with a lot of different jerseys. This stuff is the bee’s knees! It feels absolutely incredible; it’s smooth with a slightly brushed feel, the stretch is great but so is the recovery; it’s basically perfect to my mind.

So what about the pattern? Well, this is the Grainline Studios “Lark” tshirt. Or at least, it’s one of the options. This is a great pattern for anyone looking to include a range of jersey tops in their wardrobe. It has multiple sleeve and neckline options, meaning you can make a huge number of combinations depending on your needs at any time.

The pattern comes nicely packaged with good, clear instructions and, should you need it, there is more support available on their blog. However, I’m not sure how much more support you’d need if you’ve ever made something jersey before; this is pretty standard construction. Nothing earth shattering, just good basics.

I chose the cap sleeve with the v neck, largely because I’ve not done a v neck with a neckband before. It really was nothing to worry about; it’s well drafted and the instructions are very clear when it comes to finishing the v shape off. I think with a little more practice, I’ll get it absolutely spot on, but that is the perfectionist in me talking as it’s definitely presentable as is!

I’m also pretty pleased with the stripe matching down the side seams here. I find the key to this is cutting out carefully (pick a point at which to get the stripes aligned, such as the under-arm, and work from there) and using lots of pins before sewing things together.

All in all, even with extra pinning for those stripes, this only took a couple of hours to make up. It may not be the snazziest thing I’ve ever sewn, but I am extremely pleased with it. What could be more basic and therefore usable than a good striped t-shirt? This will definitely see lots of wear in my wardrobe and it won’t be long before I’m making my next Lark.

Thanks for the supplies, Minerva!

Becca x