Ooh! refreshing. This month my Minerva make looks forward to warmer climes. I have chosen a Batik Fabric to try this awesome vintage pattern: Style 3172. A wrap dress with buttons and a midriff band which comes with sleeve options. I am making Sleeveless View C.

The pattern is unscathed and had never been cut out so it felt a real treat, like a paper time capsule, although I do like the used ones with little notes from ladies gone by. 

This pattern had the potential to be well fitting. I have used patterns with this midriff feature before and I can adjust the body length easily without losing shape. I made a muslin from curtain lining for this one because I wanted to check that the front would not gape. 

It is not pretty obviously but I found out something crucial. The Centre Front line stayed beautifully central on my chest then gradually pulled to the (photo) right to accommodate my backside. To remedy this I added some width to the skirt pieces at the hip. I also took a slither off the outer shoulder/armhole and added a second dart to get better bust shaping rather than two flappy wings by my upper arms. 

This fabric has the amazing ability to make a curve due to the crinkled nature of it. I added a second dart and then ironed the bust out which gave a perfect breast shape as the fabric eased out of its wrinkles.

I cut out the pattern from the fabric which does have irregularities in it due to the hand printed nature of the design so I didn't worry too much about pattern matching. Bloke said, 'What are you making with that sprout fabric?' amusing...helped me with my post title...anyway...

Ta Dah! My friend bought me the necklace for Christmas and the the bracelet for my birthday in January because I liked it so much. A perfect combo I think.

There are some nice vintage features inside. Wide facing with a binding finish and large arm facings which help the sleeve edges stay neat.

A very on trend colour to be making a dress out of, I believe. 

Thank you for popping in. Jo xxx