Hi there,

I'm back again with a new project for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network!

Apparently it is a well known fashion 'rule' that you shouldn't wear a style if you can remember it from the first time round? I am gleefully ignoring that rule this week - I have a very clear memory of wearing batwing t-shirts in the 80s and I am absolutely loving my brand new batwing top!

This month I was drawn to the fabric first - this is a Viscose Jersey Fabric with an amazing abstract print in grey and black with hints of brown on a white background. It is a lightweight jersey with quite a lot of stretch. It's perfect for a top with lots of drape and the print is random enough that you don't need to worry about pattern matching!

This particular fabric seems to be sold out now - but I think this Jersey Fabric would be a fabulous alternative.

Because the print is so graphic I wanted to go for a pattern that would really show it off. This is the Blair Batwing Shirt from the first collection that Named Patterns produced a few years ago.  

 After being completely uninterested in the pattern when it was released, suddenly I found myself dreaming of giant floppy sleeves.

This is such a loose fitting top that you really don't need to worry too much about fit - it comes in two sizes - 34-38 and 40-44 which should fit up to a UK size 16. I chose the larger size and the only change I made was to narrow the neckline slightly to avoid the 'Flashdance' falling off the shoulder look! The pattern gives instructions to either turn under the neckline and hem in place or to sew a bias facing. I went for the bias facing option, using a strip of the jersey. I prefer this finish to just turning under at the neckline and I think it will wear better.

You can use some Clear Elastic to stabilise the shoulder seams and help prevent the very drapey jersey from getting stretched out of shape. I find it easiest to attach clear elastic with an overlocker. I used a Twin Needle to stitch the hem in place - for some reason my machine really struggled with the hems - I ended up doing a lot of unpicking and the finished result isn't great but hopefully the print will distract anyone from looking too closely!

There are only three pattern pieces - front, back and giant sleeve so it doesn't take long to sew up!

Anyone else re-living an 80s childhood and sewing batwings for Spring?

Thanks to Minerva for the lovely fabric!