With the Summer holidays fast approaching in the UK (our school breaks up on the 21st July), and a couple of trips to Spain planned, my thoughts turned to the sun and beach wear.

Minerva Crafts stock a HUGE selection of Jersey Knit Fabrics and this particular Fabric caught my eye as it contains two of my favourite colours - turquoise and cerise, so I ordered a couple of metres.

This is what I had in mind - a bikini cover-up/beach wrap. 

You can buy this actual Sewing Pattern at Minerva (I've included it in my materials list for you), but I thought it would be simple enough to design my own so here's what I did.

You need to buy enough fabric to go around your body one and a half times. For example, the biggest part of my body is my hips which measure 40 inches. 

40 x 1.5 = 60

60" is just over 1 1/2 metres, so I ordered 2 metres.

I started by making the underarms.

Fold the fabric in half lengthways and align the cut edges.

Simply measure 5" along the top AND side of the fabric and draw a curve. I did this freehand, but you could use a dinner plate to get a smooth curve.

Cut along the curve.

You should now have two cut-out curves which will serve as armholes.

For the straps,it is much easier to work with a wide strip of fabric first, then cut off the excess later. If you've ever tried to work with a narrow strip of fabric, you will understand why!

Cut a strip of fabric 3 1/2" wide.......

........by about 20" or thereabouts.

You are now going to fold in the long edge of the strip about 1/2" and press.

Fold in again and press.

Don't forget to exchange your normal needle for a stretch one!

Use a narrow zig zag stitch to sew down the middle.

Trim close to the stitching.

You have just created one narrow strap.

Repeat for the second strap.

Pin your strap to the opening edge of your armhole, across the corner like so, and stitch in place.

Fold the strap up and stitch through all layers to hold in place.

It should look like this from the right side.

Try your wrap on and pin the straps in place on the front. 

Adjust the length to fit.

Stitch in place and cut off the excess.

Cut the hem to the desired length.

At this point I decided to cut a curve on the opening edge.

And that's all there is to it!

Jersey doesn't fray so there's no need to worry about finishing the edges or hem unless you really want to. I didn't bother because the nature of the cover up is that it's a very casual item and doesn't need to have crisp finishing details.

This is what I ended up with - a simple piece of clothing that is quick and easy to put on over a wet bikini if you don't like wandering around in just your swimsuit.

The fabric pools into little folds at the back.

In reality, I don't wear a bikini top, just the bottoms, so this is ideal for covering up after sunbathing to present a more modest appearance at the dining table.

It's so simple to put on - just put one arm in, wrap it around your body and then put the other arm in.

Being a medium weight jersey, it's very comfortable, too. I wonder if a towelling option would work as that would be even better over a wet swimsuit?

Here's proof that I wore it whilst on holiday.

No need to change - just throw the wrap on and you're decent for lunch!

We're off to Spain again soon, so this will definitely be making a return trip with me.

Do you fancy making one for your holiday? You could whip one up in the time it takes the rest of the family to pack their suitcases - just half an hour is all it takes!