Hello crafty kittens!

Does anyone else feel like February is an non existent month? I feel like it didn’t even happen hence why this project happened very last minute, in fact it was meant to be a pair of knitted socks! It’s not it’s much wilder than that and probably the quickest I have ever gone from a piece of fabric to blogging about the make - this whole thing came together in about 5 hours from beginning to end!

So let’s start at the beginning… I thought I had lots of time on my side to knit up a simple pair of socks, sure they are my first ever socks and I had no idea how long they would take but I reckoned a good 2 night’s knitting would be more than enough time - WRONG! I’m not even finished one of the pair after a week’s worth of lots of knitting sessions it wasn’t until the day before this blog was due to go out that I realised I was backing the wrong horse and it wasn’t going to happen, I woke up out of my denial and jumped straight to Plan B - my next month’s make - a furry jacket. Sure I hadn’t even cut out the Sewing Pattern but I was convinced I could whizz up this bad boy in a couple of hours, get the photographed and written up by the end of the day… it’s now 7pm on Friday night so I’m cutting it fine but I did it! And also managed to run around the snow, with Hobbes who LOVES the white stuff (snow that is!) Unfortunately it was too dark to get my pics in the snow like I planned so here is me in some last minute makeup prancing around my room instead! I even get out the sunglasses… because they just needed to happen!

I definitely wouldn’t have dived straight into this with such brazenness if I hadn’t just made a very similar faux fur jacket a couple of months ago and this pattern is SO simple - you literally cut out 3 pattern pieces in the fur and lining, join seams and bag out lining. One of the quickest things you can make I reckon! I did take my time though as I’ve told myself 2018 is the year I stop rushing my makes and it’s working. The unpicker has even started to gather dust!! ;) I am pleased I made the decision to cut the stripes going down the sleeves as I feel it adds a detail that makes the jacket look a bit more fashion dahling! :)

I learnt so much making my first faux fur jacket back in December - I trimmed all the seam allowances before sewing, pulled out the fur trapped in the seams with an awl etc etc. but I actually didn’t feel like all that was needed in the end as it was a short pile fur and luckily so is this ‘bee’ fabric so I went straight for sewing and then I trimmed the remaining fur on the seam allowances so they weren’t too bulky.

The Fur Fabric is INCREDIBLE - I love faux fur and this is wonderful quality stuff that sews beautifully and doesn’t malt too much. The pile is super soft and feels very luxurious.

I used my amazing electric scissors to fly through the cutting out of the faux fur which can sometimes take some elbow grease and sewed everything on my wonderful Pfaff Quilt Ambition 2.0 so to say this make was a breeze is an understatement!

The Lining Fabric is great too - I went for plain black non static lining because I was never going to find a print to go with this wild print and I think it finishes it off really nicely. The fabric has a lovely sheen to it and is super soft against the skin too.

I’m so happy with this speedy make - I hardly used the instructions and went with my own methods for bagging out the lining so it always makes it quicker when you know what you are doing. Having said that I still feel like I am still learning with every make and as always I am thankful to Minerva for the materials to do so.

Now what the hell am I going to wear this jacket with? I think all black is the only way to go! It does go well with my Ginger Jeans of course! :)

Now I will get back on with knitting my socks in good time for my next Minerva Crafts Blogger Network post!

Sew much love to you all!