Hey Guys!

I am very excited to present to you the final installment of the (Minerva) Vegas line up! you all know it's not the end of the general admission Vegas line up :)

For this kit, I chose to try out another Bengaline Fabric - and I went out on a bit of a limb for this one. It's a sort of purpley-burgundy colour with gold glitter in it! Definitely not my usual choice but I was feeling the Vegas vibe. Now that the outfit is complete I'm actually really happy with it!

I initially was intending to make a dress, but with time running out and other holiday items left to make I decided to sacrifice and make a simple swing skirt.

Having finished the skirt, I felt like it looked slightly disappointing following on from my previous few offerings, so I threw caution to the wind and pattern hacked my BHL Anna Bodice. As far as I remember I added 3" to the back seam and add an inch to the bottom all around. I of course forgot to use the stretch running horizontal again - although I'm somewhat glad I didn't as you'll find out.

After putting some of the bodice together and having a momentary fitting, it seemed that the bodice was a bit snug so I let out each pleat about 2/8". I had already shortened the pleats from previous makes. It may have been ok in the end, and I have no idea why it felt any different to usual but no harm no foul.

My major issues came up when I was doing the button placket down the back. As I mentioned earlier, I didn't cut the stretch on the horizontal, which can only mean I cut it on the vertical. I turned a small lip under for the placket and the folded over 1" twice more. And of course, as I was stitching it down it all started stretching out. I even tried to use my walking foot to no avail whatsoever. Both plackets ended up warped and wobbly like a glittery purple sea.. If only i had interfaced. Hindsight's 20:20, eh?

I tried the only thing I could think of and tried to shrink it with steam. It looked like it worked a bit, but it was still warpy when buttoned up, and the steam was starting to strip the glitter (which is one of the reasons I reneged on washing the fabric first - I think I forgot to mention that, naughty me). I wanted it as glittery as can be for Vegas - come what may with the first wash!!

So the only thing I could so was hand tack the back opening down and ease it as I went. I did check I could get it on first, and I can with 1 button open, miraculously. It is marginally roomier I guess than a dress bodice would be! Probably due to my letting out the pleats in the first place, and a little extra ease in the extended back piece. The bottom hem was a simple turn under and stitch jobbie.

I have a bunch of the fabric left, so I'm still considering whether to recut the bodice and redo it with interfacing.

During this make I wasn't sure it was going to make it into the Vegas rotation due to little thought and planning going into the production (I did try to plan but nothing promising came to me) and then I was trying to decide what outfit to bump. All hail last minute crazed sewing!

The buttons weren't intended when ordering the my materials, and are deep stash. Different buttons unfortunately for skirt and top, but they at least both complement the fabric.

The skirt is the same as used for my leopard print dress, a simple Simplicity swing skirt, actually the first thing I ever sewed :)

I did a lapped zipper on the skirt - which is now my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE!! Thanks to tutorials by both Nicole and Winnie on their blogs. I will literally use this anywhere and everywhere I can now.


And I somehow found a thread that is bloody well invisible in this fabric. Its just so easy to get a good result from this method. I super enjoy doing it, I actually find this method really relaxing, like a form of meditation. Communing with zippers.

So as we can all see, there's a little gap between the separated occasionally. nothing indecent - and really, about as much as I would feel comfortable with. And it's not clear initially - it's a bit peek-a-boo which is cute.

See you guys next month with something special!

Emmie x