This month I have been looking for sewing projects beyond my wardrobe. I had a tiny sliver of Camelot cotton cookin' left over from a kitchen Roman blind so I based my whole fabric choice this month on ensuring that this wonderful piece of retro fabric did not go in the bin. 

I chose some mustard cotton canvas to make some homeware. It was a perfect combination: mustard and grey. The tiny piece I had left over was made into a piece of bias binding with one of these handy binding makers which keep your fingers well away from the hot fabric and the iron.

Minerva have a fusible fleece which was ideal for the hands. I used two layers to make sure they would work efficiently as oven gloves. The fleece was fused easily to the fabric with a warm iron and helped to make the machine quilting a breeze - no sliding fleece for me thank you! I didn't use a pattern, I just drew around an old set of oven gloves.

The fabric is also suitable for home furnishings. This church pew is in our kitchen but does get a bit hard to sit on after a while so I made a cushion pad for the length of it. This fabric would also make individual seat pads for dining chairs. The piping in the photo is my own because I ordered some from Minerva and it was not the right proportion for such a big seat pad but it had a lovely linen finish and would have more suited to single chair pads.

This pad has a zip on the back edge and is nice and tight to stop it creasing or rolling on the edges. Since having it out on the pew, instead of folded up in a bin bag for storage, the creases have disappeared.

I was surprised to find I still had some left overs after these two projects so I made an apron. Again, I drew around a sticky old apron to get the shape. You could buy a pattern if you felt more confident with one, I thought this one looked good here. I had a few linen canvas scraps left over from my Ness Skirt so I used these to make the pocket.

It is hard to get a beautiful picture of an apron, but it is always a good project to use up the last of a piece of fabric. They are ideal to give as presents to friends, family and teachers.

Homeware is a great way to start a sewing journey and is ideal for beginners: no fitting, body image or seasonal wearing issues, just happy making.

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