Hello all! Today’s Minerva Make is really quite boring, but has been a real workhorse throughout this summer. At work I need to wear black clothes, and as the weather has gotten hotter and hotter wearing full length trousers has been increasingly sticky. So, for this months project I choose Viscose Fabric, a notoriously light fabric, to try and keep me as cool as possible.
Unfortunately I think that the drapiness of the rayon does mean that it doesn’t work particuarly well for trousers, but they’re so light and comfy I don’t really mind. I wanted these to be easy breezy pull on trousers, so using my trouser block as a base I kept the front exactly the same and added extra to the back waist so I would be able to get them over my hips. I kept the elastic just at the back waist to keep the front looking as smooth as possible.
They should have been super easy to sew together, but I think the rayon stretched out whilst cutting which made them slightly trickier to put together. As you can see from the photo above, the side seams don’t look particularly nice. I would also have reinforced the pockets with twill tape on the inside because they’ve stretched out a bit as well. Next time I’d make them a tad deeper so I can fit my phone in more comfortably.
I had a bit of a nightmare with hemming them. I started with cuffs but they just didn’t hang right in this fabric so I ended up just doing a turn up twice hem instead. In hindsight I wish that they were just 2 inches longer. All in all though, I’ve worn them at least 3 times a week since they were finished so I’m going to class them as a win! They are super cool in the warm weather, and the legs are just wide enough to allow a decent amount of air flow and a full range of movement. I’m excited to make another pair in a more medium weight fabric.

Thank you for reading and to Minerva for providing the materials for this project!