Hello all! For this months Minerva project continuing the party theme I chose another special occasion fabric; velvet. I haven’t worked with Velvet Fabric for years and it was good to have a play with it again. I knew exactly what I wanted to make with the fabric. A black velvet mini skirt would be a perfect piece to add to my evening wardrobe. Black making it versatile, and velvet giving it that slight edge to take it into evening, although I’m actually really enjoying wearing this skirt during the day as well.
I started with a pencil skirt pattern that fit me and closed the darts up to swing the hem out to make it a more flared skirt. It was super quick to cut out and sew together, as there’s just the front, back and waistband pieces. I did choose to add a lining because as a winter skirt it’s essential that it can be worn with tights. 
Fit wise, I adjusted the left hip curve slightly after I tried it on and that was it. The lining and outer are joined at the waistband. I used waistband interfacing which makes it super easy to shape your waistband and sew it into place. I put a lapped zipper in the centre back. The centre back seam isn’t sitting particularly smoothly and I would like to know why, because it’s cut on the selvedge so it can’t have stretched out.
As the velvet was a cotton velvet it was super easy to work with, with minimal shifting around. It presses nicely and has just the amount of body that I wanted for this skirt. I decided to go for nice deep hems so that the weight would make the skirt sit better. 1.5” for the velvet and 2” deep for the lining hems. After wearing the skirt I’ve found that half an inch is too close as the lining keeps peeking out so I’ll go back and make the skirt lining hem 2.5” deep instead. All in all, it’s exactly the staple winter piece I was looking for and I can’t wait to mix and match it with everything in my wardrobe!

Thanks to Minerva Crafts for providing the supplies for this make and to Gemma for taking the photos for me!

Lauren xx