It was a scary moment when I popped the top off the domestos bottle and hovered it over a garment I’d spent hours making... When I picked this taupe cotton shirting for my latest make I had no idea how it would end up.
A couple of years ago I did a copy of my favourite ready to wear shirt and, with a few tweaks, that pattern became the basis for this month’s make. 
I altered the sleeves for a cuffless garment which, let’s be honest, saves the effort of tackling the fiddliest part of sewing a shirt!
When the shirt was finished (but before I attached the buttons) I laid it out in my bath tub and went a bit mad with the bleach. You can never really predict these things, even though I did a swatch test, but overall I’m happy with the result. I prefer the back to the front, I think I overdid the front and it’s gone a little too blocky at the top. 
I opted for these black enamel buttons to finish off the shirt opening with a reflective touch. 
All the top stitching was done with a sheen thread which is slightly lost in the busyness of the bleach effect, but against a solid colour it would look very pretty. 
I like the result a lot, but because the front has turned quite orange it reminds me of the shirt I made a couple of years ago on the blog. I strive not to have two similar items in my wardrobe, so I might take this one a step further and get the fabric paints out to add extra colour on top of the bleach treatment. 
Next month, I’m working on a speedy something for these cold, cold days we’re having. Until then, happy sewing!
Duncan Xx