Hi guys,

Time for my third Minerva Crafts project and unfortunately the only garment I've made the last 2 months. The only person for whom I sew quite often is my niece and it has become a tradition to make her something every Easter (among other occasions during the year). I love making dresses for her but she's not a girly girl kind of person so is not fond of dresses and doesn't wear them often, I finally got it and lately I have started to make her clothes that are more her style, at least I try to!

I have been lurking the Art Gallery Fabrics a long time now, I just can not resist to all those fabulous prints so I thought it was time to try them out. I literally spent hours browsing and trying to decide, it was so difficult to just choose one from the vast variety that Minerva has available. In the end, after a lot of deliberation I went for the Bon Voyage Lumiere Stretch Jersey Knit Dress Fabric, how cute is this print, I really love it and so does my niece!

She asked for a plain sleeveless cropped top with unfinished hem, I found in my Burda magazines a short sleeved top pattern which I thought would be OK if I just made it sleeveless and it really worked very well, the thing was though that it looked quite plain to me and I had the urge to add ruffles on the sleeves. To make the ruffles I just cut a piece of fabric about 10  cm wide and twice the length of the armhole, folded them in half lengthwise and then gathered to reach the length of the armhole. 

I really love how it turned out but unfortunately my niece doesn't like the ruffles and so ill have to unpick them and make it as she initially wanted it to be, it's ok, I had to try but she knows exactly what she wants so it's difficult to convince her for something different.

The pattern asked for a binding in the neckline but as I was not sure I'll achieve a good result I went for a facing instead which extends up to the armholes. I really like this finishing and I believe it's a good way of finishing knits since I don't have an overlocker nor have I a good experience with knits. 

I really enjoyed working with this fabric, I used a Ball Point Needle and my walking food and everything went smoothly. I used a zig zag stitch only on the ruffles although I could have done just a straight stitch as well, I usually zig zag only seams that stretch a lot when wearing the garment I did not have any problems with that so far.