Hi Everyone, 
So I’m extremely excited to share this with you. As you know I’ve been trying to move my handmade wardrobe to more staple pieces, still fun but more towards everyday wear. I was making far too much ‘occasion wear’ that I needed to wait for the opportune moment to get out.  And this months make is a total winner for me.
The pattern is the Nikko Dress by True Bias. It’s their latest release, and I actually got it on the release date as a pdf. As soon as I saw it I HAD to have it. So a pdf was the quickest way to get it.  Let me tell you how amazing this pattern is. 
We all love a turtle neck, they’re classic, neat and make any outfit look a little more ‘put together’. I honestly don’t actually own that many, so I loved that this pattern was versatile. A dress and top, sleeveless or with sleeves. So I can use this pattern for anytime of year and in any stretch fabric. 
The dress also has this great double split on each side. I love this added detail. It instantly makes it look more fashion ready and high end. 

The first fabric I chose was a bottle green Jersey Knit and oh my gosh, it’s gorgeous. Super soft, a wonderful knitted texture and in a beautiful deep colour. I know you might think it’s a little autumnal, but I really like it and as I live in Dorset, it’s sort of blends in to the surroundings haha. 

The second fabric is a little different for me. It’s this mint green Waffle Jersey Fabric which I wanted to experiment with. I was worried about my pale complexion with it, but I really love this spring pastel colour. I thought it might wash me out a little, but thought in the summer I’d have more colour in my face!
Sadly the waffle fabric didn’t work out. I still wanted to mention it though as it is good to learn from my mistakes. In stretch fabric patterns, they always have a stretch fabric test. It’s a diagram where you stretch fabric across to measure the level of movement. It’s not totally accurate but it’s a good test. 
I didn’t do this, I was so excited about making another Nikko top, I just started stitching. Then realised the turtle neck was so tight, it didn’t go over my head! NO!
I’m not super annoyed about it, because one, I’ve definitely learnt a valuable lesson and two, I have enough fabric left over to use it for another project which I will post on my blog when finished. It’s such a shame though as it’s a wonderful fabric and so soft. The inside is totally smooth too, just incase you were wondering about the texture. 
So to summarise, get this pattern because it’s gorgeous and if you wear the dress, you’ll get loads of compliments. But make sure you get a good stretchy fabric to use with it, and make sure it’s at least 75% stretch! I’d definitely get the Bottle Green Knit Fabric too as it’s just gorgeous! A must-have in your stash.
I hope you like what I made, I love trying these new patterns! Definitely moving towards more summery projects now. Looking forward to next month. 
Happy Handmade everyone!
Sophia x 
@Jessalli_Handmade / jessalli.co.uk