My friends, this post DID NOT want to happen. First of all, this blouse originally wasn't my March project, but my April project. My kit for this month was for a mid-season boyfriend coat that turned out pretty much horrible, so I really didn't want to show it here on the Minerva Blogger Network (nor anywhere else, really). So the next kit was moved up, and I must admit I wasn't really thrilled about sewing a chiffon blouse in February, since it's too cold to wear it.
But anyway, I put my eye on this pattern, Ralph Pink's Bow Shirt , a long time ago, so I was excited to finally try it. The huge bow detail on the front had my name written all over it.
The thing is… When trying a new pattern by a new designer always MAKE A MUSLIN! You probably read this a lot of times, I even said it to myself a million times, but of course, I didn't make a muslin. The result, as you can see from these photos, is far from tragic, but it's not really satisfactory either.
First of all, the fit: the armholes and sleeves were completely wrong for me and would have needed some alterations, but what could I do after having cut the fabric already? I cut the sleeves of one of my T'n T patterns, the Sureau dress by Deer and Doe , and thankfully, it worked out perfectly.
The rest of the fit is fine; I really like the back and the curve of the hem. But that bow… I mean, it's the main feature of this blouse and I really dislike it. One of the reasons is that I picked a contrast fabric that's too heavy for the chiffon. I don't know if I expected the chiffon to be heavier or the black cotton poplin fabric to be lighter, but there's too much contrast. The cotton poplin is not interfaced, but the bow is still too bulky and heavy, which made it necessary to hand tack it in place so that it wouldn't flop down.
And to conclude my rant here, I think the bow looks just weird on me… I don't know how else to explain it, other than it makes my bust area looks weird.
But not all is lost! The thing is, I can still save this blouse. I can either leave the bow on and get used to it (to be fair, I hate much less now than the first time I tried it on), or remove it completely and be left with a perfectly cute, if a little ordinary, chiffon blouse. What should I do?