As it happens, my husband has taken quite a liking to Art Gallery Fabrics. Unsurprising really, given that they do such quirky and interesting prints. 

Browsing through the extensive selection of fabrics on Minerva for the Hygge Hubby Capsule series of posts has had the effect of creating a symbiotic creative relationship with my husband. It’s a wonderful experience when we both scroll the pages of fabrics and discuss what we like about a particular fabric, what it might want to be, whether it’s in our comfort zone, etc

Once we have selected the fabrics there is the excitement of post day when it arrives in the post and I wait so that we open the parcel of fabric together. The shared delight when we unfold the fabric and mutual reassurance that we picked the Perfect Fabric for this particular project is amazing. 

Then there is the additional joy of seeing him in a garment I have made for him! Some people call it “selfless sewing” when you sew for others but I disagree! There is nothing selfless about the joy and pleasure I feel in my heart when I see a garment that I sewed adorned on someone (especially my life mate). 

I’d even venture to say that I feel more joy at seeing my makes on others than I do for me. And this T shirt is no exception.

The pattern is a BurdaStyle B6602 Unisex Tops pattern. It has 3 variations and given its unisex nature – it’s a great value pattern. We decided to sew the short sleeved T Shirt and used finished garment measurements on the pattern sheet. 

The sizing was just perfect with this being the 40 without any alterations at all. Even the neckband was perfect and snaps flat against the body. I sensibly made a muslin which I advise. If you are familiar with sewing T shirts then this will be a breeze to sew as the sleeves are flat constructed. It took me under an hour to cut and sew.

If you make this pattern just note that the long sleeve and short sleeve T shirt each have their own bodice and sleeve pieces. You can’t use the long sleeve pattern piece on the short sleeve bodice or vice versa (I went through this so hopefully you wont have ?). 

They are drafted differently which makes sense actually; the short sleeve needs less ease on the armhole than the long sleeve. I have always been very impressed with Burda drafting.

Have you ever tried the 3 step zigzag stitch for hemming knits? I just discovered this through experimentation on the toile but I love it! It creates an oversized stable zigzag that adds interest you would not find on most RTW Tees.

The hubs loves it which is all I can ask for!

Thanks for stopping by and until next time Happy Sewing!