This month's blog post for Minerva Crafts has filled a gap in my wardrobe in the form of a smart blouse. I wouldn't normally need one but, as it's a 'big' birthday next month, I'm going away with the girls for a few days and thought it might come in handy.

The Fabric is lovely and silky and has a fabulous drape to it, perfect for Burda 6632.

I chose version B, preferring the button closure to the pull-on version A.

As it turns out, I've got the best of both worlds because it's a faux button band, so no need to fiddle with ten tiny buttons every time, it just slips easily over the head like a T-shirt, yet looks exactly like a smart blouse.

I laid the fabric out on the carpet to cut it out, as it provides a bit of friction to stop the slippery fabric moving as it's cut.

I swapped the machine needle to a size 9 as the fabric is very fine and I wanted to avoid any danger of snagging by using a fresh, fine pointed needle.

Did I mention that it frays, too?


Herein lies the benefits of a French seam, which I used throughout to prevent any future fraying.

Both the front and back of the blouse fall with pleats from a double yoke.

I was careful to trim all seam allowances evenly as the fabric is somewhat translucent and any messy edges would show through.

The centre front button band and neck is cleverly designed as just one piece.

Again, due to the slippery nature of the fabric, I took extra caution to avoid the layers travelling under the foot by using more pins than I normally would.

I accidentally sewed the button band in with the interfaced piece on the outside and the non-interfaced piece on the inside, hence the crinkly appearance, but there's no way that was going to be unpicked successfully without snags or major fraying, so I'll just have to live with it.

Luckily, the sleeves went in without a hitch.

The cuffs each have a placket and buttonhole.

The cuffs are nice and narrow which befits the delicate nature of both the style and the fabric.

Easing in this much excess sleevehead fabric into nothingness is always a minor miracle as far as I'm concerned.

See how smooth and gather-free it turns out?!

I almost went for matchy-matchy ivory buttons but found these old ones from one of the husband's old shirts instead. They're a silvery-grey and contrast quite nicely, I think.

So, here's the finished blouse on my dressform.....

....and here it is on me!

Yep, it will get almost as much wear as my swimsuit on our mini-break.

Almost, but not quite.

Did I mention there's a hot tub with the log cabin?