This is me pretending I'm really warm in my new pink Burda 7051 top and white cropped jeans. It's actually 2 degrees above freezing. It took 3 lots of bribing my daughter outside to get the photos I wanted whilst the sun was shining.

This is a Burda Young pattern 7051. I love it. I'm sure shall make it again and again. This success is helped by the amazing stretch denim fabric. I must admit that I was quite scared when I opened what I had ordered for this particular Minerva Crafts post make. It was a little brighter than I has realised.

This top is also the first I have made with the help of my new assistant, Lola. She and I have become the best of pals. She is so much more patient than my previous assistant.

It was so much easier and very much faster to get the fit I wanted. I took in the front darts to make it a little curvier at the waist and also took half an inch down the back seam as I wanted a snug fit, especially using the stretch denim.

My aim for this particular project was to include my first invisible zip.

Note the rather pleasing pattern match!

There are quite a few things I have learnt from this particular make.

1. Sizes on patterns no way represent the clothes size you wear. My measurements meant I needed a size 14 which is a little different to the usual size 10 I take. I took my muslin in only down the front darts and half an inch down the back seam. If I used a non-stretch fabric I would have adjusted even less.

2. Invisible zips are not to be avoided. They're a zinch.

3. Due to the stretch of the cotton you can achieve a glove like fit.

4. Cut the yoke out longer than you need; the yoke came out a little mean which meant it barely reached around to the zip at the back. I cut a second more generous version.

I'm so very pleased with this make. It fits like a glove and is so comfortable to wear.

Can you tell?

Roll on summer!

Love, Lucie