For my January post for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network, I chose this Butterick Sewing Pattern which covered every aspect of 'loungewear' - right down to the fur boots.

The Husband is a bit of a Bloke and it has taken me years to get him to see the benefits of a set of clothes specifically for cosying up on long, dark, Winter evenings. Now converted, he often hops into his 'loungewear' before me of an evening, discarding the starchy trousers and shirt in favour of jersey knits.

One item was missing, however, and that was something other than slippers for his feet. You can't beat a pair of furry sock-boots for warmth and comfort, so I went ahead and made him a pair.

I chose this lovely cream Faux Fur Fabric for the lining, and the same fur in brown for the outside of the boots. (A practical decision, so I don't have to wash them as often). It has a slight stretch to it, so is perfect for easy slipping-on.

For the sole, I went for a much heavier, non-stretch Fleece Fabric. It's double-sided and very thick, providing a nice substantial feel underfoot, not to mention a surprising contrast when he puts his feet up.

After measuring hubby's feet, I added half an inch to the length of the sole, as the pattern is based on women's sizing.

The separate outer and inner pieces were quick to assemble and the instructions clear and easy to follow.

The only change I made was to clip around all the curves of the sole because of the extra thickness of the fabric I had chosen.

Next, you have to insert the lining into the outer boot and stitch around the leg opening.

I ended up using quilting pins as the little steel ones were lost in all that fluff - look, you can barely see it!

Double-stitched seams are used throughout to withstand all the rough handling that such booties are inclined to be subject to.

The boot is turned right way out through a gap left in the lining seam.

Then, that's it - just push the lining into the boot and fold the top over.

These were completed from start to finish in just a couple of hours, which was perfect for the Husband who was experiencing chills whilst suffering from a particularly virulent strain of imaginary Man 'Flu.

He reports that they are just the job and very cosy indeed.

Not only that, but there is enough fabric left over to make at least two more pairs - for The Boys, maybe?