You know how it is - you get carried away when browsing Pinterest and, before you know it, you've pinned hundreds of inspirational images....and haven't got around to making any of them.

Well, not exactly, as I have actually been motivated to make quite a few of the things on my boards, but this one has been languishing undisturbed for over a year now, so this month I decided to go ahead and make it.

It is a FREE pattern by Rainbow Hare, but I paid £3.00 for the printable download in her Etsy shop. It's pretty comprehensive in 38 pages, but the details are so complete that even a beginner could follow them.

A quick visit to Minerva Craft's online shop resulted in this selection of fabrics arriving a couple of days later. I also used tiny scraps of fabric from my own stash but you could choose from Minerva's great selection of fat quarters.

First up, the caravan panels are constructed by sandwiching a layer of wadding between the backing fabric and outer layer.

The instructions call for three layers of wadding but she must have used a really thin type as one layer was plenty.

The layers are quilted together with simple straight lines.

When all three panels are quilted, you end up with something that looks like this: -

Four windows and a door were easy to make with great step-by-step guidelines.

The next stage was to sew the windows on to the panels....but I felt they looked a bit bare and were crying out for a glimpse of the caravan interior.

And so ensued a two hour digression, during which I came up with these little cameos, all stitched using free motion embroidery on the machine.

A likeness of No.3 son (recognise the curls?), a blue teddy bear and a lampshade pendant.

A pretty dubious rendition of No.2 son but I'm pleased with how the 'portrait' of Fifi/Tess turned out.

I added the 'yap! yap!' in case it wasn't immediately obvious that it was a dog!

A windowsill full of flowers in pots and a bee.

And I couldn't leave the hens out, could I?

Once all the fiddly bits of embroidery were finished, it was the exciting bit of assembling the panels and see the cover take shape.

Looking good!

It was really simple to pin everything together and my machine (Janome Sewist 525s) had no trouble at all with all those layers of fabric and wadding.

The lining goes in next followed by the bottom band of green which, in my haste, I forgot to photograph...

Felt wheels are quickly made and secured on to the base of the cover with a button through the centre.

The string of mini bunting was fun to make.

There was just enough evening sunshine left to take the caravan out onto the grass and take a few photos before the sun went down.

This is the front elevation.

The flowers are on one end.

Fifi is watching the world go by at the back of the caravan.

Don't the windows look better with something in them?

And, finally, my homage to Amber fills the window at the other end.

My thanks to Minerva Crafts for supplying all of the materials for this lovely little project - it's a real talking point in the sewing school, I can tell you!