Every year my Minerva blogger network starts with a little card making kit.

You really don't need a huge amount of supplies, just a few well chosen resources to make a stack of cards for the coming year. This kit contains card blanks, patterned paper, crochet ribbon, wooden hearts, some sticky sentiments and some paper flowers.

The paper is excellent value because it is the quality of card and has a wide colour palette making it suitable for male and female cards. The oranges and browns worked particulary well together.

The little wooden hearts were embossed but again are not too floral to mix in with other patterns on the papers.

The blank cards and envelopes have a pearlised finish meaning you only need a little patterned paper to set off your design.

One of my favourite designs is to use little squares to make a big square. The blue paper is 'fussy' cut to allow a little bird to sit in each pane. The green card has a background colour and the squares are edged in ink to make them stand out.

Some of these papers are my own but the Minerva paper flowers worked well with them. It is a good design using the rule of three. Three chunks of paper with a flower and sentiment across the centre. It is good to go over the lines to tie everything together rather than throw things into the corners of the card.

Repeating a design element also makes a pleasing layout. Using the square motif but with circles is a winner on a square card.

As my card making sessions draw to a close, there are always a few scrappy cards to be made as you tidy the table away. This patchwork version used up little pieces of paper. I stamped them with a stitch design but you could easily do this with some pen doodling.

Finally the last remaining strips work a vertical layout of scraps which is still a real corker. A bit like a Christmas Turkey and its leftovers, very often the leftovers make the best card.

Enjoy some papercraft this year. Jo x