Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well and that the chill is not getting to you. I can’t believe we went from that wonderful Indian Summer to arctic temperatures in just a few weeks! However, the change in seasons is always an excellent excuse to update your wardrobe.

In my case I was in dire need of a new parka. I had made the Kelly Anorak 2 years ago and live in it in autumn and spring – and it was starting to show. I had initially thought about making another Kelly Anorak (which I might still do at some point) and then I stumbled over the Kimberly Cargo Dress by VikiSews.

The dress is a little bit oversized, has lots of cargo pockets and the waist is cinched in with a belt. While I had no occasion to wear a cargo dress out to – I did think it would make an awesome parka, with some modifications. I used this navy twill for the shell and an awesome lawn I bought from Minerva 2 years ago, which they unfortunately no longer stock. And I also used these snaps and really recommend you invest in some Prym pliers, they will make installing the snaps a real breeze.

First things first, I cut out all the pieces in the shell fabric and cut out the front and back in the lawn as well. I cut out the sleeves in some acetate lining I had in my stash, which makes it easier to slip the jacket on and off. Since the twill wasn’t very thick and I was planning on this parka to accompany me through spring and autumn, I decided to quilt the lining to a fleece blanket (I do this with all my jackets and it works like a charm!) for extra warmth. Since the dress/jacket is quite oversized, I didn’t bother with adding extra ease to the lining and have no restrictions of movement.  I love it when everything works out the way I plan it. HAHAHA

I then sewed the lining pieces to the shell pieces – turning them into 1 back piece, 2 front pieces, and two sleeves and then assembled the jacket, according to the instructions. As I still had quite a bit of fabric left over, I made my own bias binding to finish all the seams. The jacket really looks fantastic on the inside and I am glad that I took the time to finish everything off, the way I did. I also lined the pocket flaps with the lining fabric as I thought it would be a fun little detail and wish that I had attached the flaps differently, as you can see the lining poking out a tiny bit (yes, I am rather silly!!).

As I mentioned before, invest in some plyers () to attach the snaps! It made the process so much easier and I was done with all the snaps in 10 minutes. I’ve taken the jacket out for a spin already and am really pleased with how it turned out.

One last thing, as quite a few people have asked, all of VikiSews patterns are in Russian, which I don’t speak. However, all her patterns come with step by step photo instruction, the seam allowances are marked on the pattern pieces and if all else fails – google translate will help you! I might have gone a bit wild during her Black Friday Sale , so keep your eyes peeled for some of my future makes!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we will talk soon!

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