Hello all! What I've got for you today is a bit of  a departure from my usual style, but I'm in love. This thing fought me every step of the way, but I got there and subsequently never want to take it off.

Lots of off the shoulder things have been floating around the blogosphere lately and I wanted to get in on the action. A massive ruffle is a fantastic way to deflect from what little I possess in the boob area.

I used my bodice block and the True Bias Hudson pants as a base, going up a few sizes for a woven. I think I went up about 3 sizes in the crotch area and 5 sizes in the calves because I wanted the trousers to have quite a loose fit. I also lengthened the waistline to get it up to my natural waist.

Unfortunately I properly screwed up that measurement, which resulted in the crotch being far too low. Laughably so. I thought that I could solve this with a bit of pinning to make the crotch a bit higher. Nope. Turns out crotch curves are there for a reason. So I unpicked the inside leg seam and the crotch seam, added in some scraps of fabric, traced the crotch curve from By Hand London's Holly jumpsuit pattern and hey presto, I had an acceptable crotch.

I can hear you asking, 'but why didn't you just cut a few inches off the waistline?'. I have one word for you: pockets. Also, I'd already spent ages faffing around with a facing to feed the elastic through, and there was no way I was going to unpick that. But the adjustments worked just fine because look what I can do!

Onto the off the shoulder ruffle. I'll be honest, it's not as ruffley as I would like, but I had to make do with the fabric I had left. 

It is perfectly fine, but I can only move my arms out so much before it gives up and flips. Oh well, it gives you a nice view of my on point bias bound armholes.

So that's my new jumpsuit for you. It is absolutely sublime. It's been out for cocktails in Covent Garden and a casual caramel muffin in Costa. Thank you very much to Minerva Crafts for providing all the materials for this kit. I've never worked with chambray fabric before and I can't wait to work with it again with these other fabrics. So soft!  Also thanks to Amy for suggesting an off the shoulder ruffle - jumpsuit hybrid. This would not exist without you. And finally thanks to MK who I dragged to the park to take photos for me.