Hello all!

This dress is directly inspired by the one that Heather Lou made in her tutorial here. I liked the concept of a winter style smock dress, however I’m not quite sure that it’s working for me.

This was a super simple project that I sewed in a couple of hours on Christmas day inbetween all of the eating and the presents. The main fabric is this gorgeous golden floral Corduroy Fabric. I chose to line it because as a winter dress it would always always be worn with tights and I don’t want any riding up happening. In some ways it lengthened the sewing process because I had to cut out double of everything but that wasn’t too much of a hardship because the pattern only has a front and a back.

The lining made the neckline super easy to finish because I could just sew the main to the lining right sides together, understitch and flip without the stress of a facing. I did topstitch around the neckline to match the topstitching around the pockets and the hem. There was twice amount of hemming to do with the lining though.

I do love the topstitched pockets. The size was pretty much determined by the measurements of my phone. I pinned on the placement, tried on the dress to make sure that they were where I wanted them and then they were all good to be topstitched.

I made the hems nice and deep so it would all hang properly, and also because I wanted the length to balance out the boxy silhouette. The lining hems were 1 inch shorter so they don’t peek out.

Now I have a few concerns with this dress. The first is that even though I added a lining, it still rides up to an indecent length when I walk. I think this may be that when I lift my arms, the whole dress goes up with it, or that the hips are just a little too narrow. The neckline is quite wide, and doesn’t sit quite right when I wear clothes over the top of it.

My other concern is the boxy silhouette, which I don’t think I’m such a big fan of. So I’ve decided that I have 2 options. Option 1: try and make the silhouette more a-line by taking it in more under the arm and grading out to nothing at the hem. Option 2: Cut off the top of the dress to make a cute mini skirt. I’m currently leaning more towards option 2. It’s definitely worth adapting because I love this fabric and want to make it work.

Thanks very much for reading, to Drew for taking the photos and to Minerva Crafts for the kit to make this dress with!

Lauren xx