Welcome to November! This year has seriously whizzed by and it's definitely time to start thinking about Christmas decorations again. For this month's Minerva Crafts Blogger Network post I chose to do something a little festive and a little fun - felt woodland animals! In fact, a whole garland of them!

The pattern/templates that I used came from Simplicity 1516 - an entire sewing pattern dedicated to felt animals and Christmas stockings which is absolutely perfect for this time of year. What better than a cosy autumn night, the wind howling outside, a cup of tea and some little woodland animals to keep you company?!

I chose to make the moose, fox, bear and snowman patterns as they're my favourites out of the bunch, but you can also make a squirrel and a green owl if you want. All you need to make the decorations is felt - which Minerva Crafts has in good supply and in a gazillion colours (literally) - plus a needle and thread and some toy stuffing. I also got a long piece of sparkly ribbon to make the loops and some Merry Christmas ribbon so that I could make my creatures into a garland once finished.

To make the felt animals, you simply cut out all the pieces that you need, sew on the faces/arms/antlers etc, sew the back and front bits together with a ribbon loop in between and then stuff some toy stuffing inside. Easy! Some of the pieces are a little bit fiddly (like the eyes and that carrot nose) so I used a little bit of Pritt Stick to hold them in place whilst I stitched them on. They're super quick to make and you can have a whole woodland done within an afternoon. I also imagine that they'd be pretty fun to make with children, although I think I had just as much fun making them on my own!

I made 2 of each creature in total and then cut out some holly leaves and berries (freehand) to make my woodland garland that bit more festive. I hope you love this project as much as I do - it's so much fun to make and I certainly recommend it!