Hello Minerva readers! 

I cannot believe it’s been a month since I last shared a post with you--and now the Christmas holiday is just one week away! I have some holiday sewing to share with you that I’m very excited about.

But first, let me share what this post will not have: this post will not have a photo of my husband in the lovely cotton Christmas pajama (PJ) pants to match mine that I dreamed up in my mind three months ago.

For the second year in a row I have failed miserably at two things: fitting my husband for PJ pants and actually making him a pair. Last year I attempted to DIY a pattern out of an old pair he had in our dresser, but this year I decided it was time to just take his measurements and go with a simple pattern. Simple, right? Or so I thought.

This is what I got after a lot of fabric cutting and a little bit of sewing:

Not ideal! I thought I was cutting everything the correct way per the direction of the pattern piece labels. As soon as I sewed everything together and got to the step of putting the elastic in I knew something was wrong--the pattern was upside down. And do these look a little like MC Hammer pants to you the way the crotch is?

The funniest part was the fit. I sewed a size XXL based on my hubby’s measurements, and then I made him try them on before putting in the elastic (I couldn’t get a picture of this because he would not allow it...sorry!). They looked INSANELY silly. Now, my husband is by no means a Tiny Tim, but he could pull those pants past his waist and still have room! He looked a little bit like Tweedle Dee when he did that though. Honestly, if the pants fit him I would have finished them and showed them to you all even with a mismatched upside down print!

Sigh. Maybe next year I’ll get it right? Third time’s a charm?

Luckily I had already saved yardage from my Christmas Print Fabric for Christmas pajama shorts for myself and some throw pillows/decor for our living room. After slip-up on the other pants I wasn’t about to let that gorgeous fabric go to waste, either! Unfortunately Minerva have now sold out of this colourway in this fabric, but you can still get the white/red colour or they have lots of other Christmas Fabrics to choose from!

Can you believe I’m showing you a pair of PJ shorts? The weather here in Pennsylvania has been so mild, and I decided to use the Prefontaine shorts pattern to take advantage of it before it’s gone. Plus, there’s nothing like snuggling up underneath a cozy blanket if it gets a little chilly!


I sewed a straight size 12 of the 5-inch inseam version, which would have been fine for me normally. However, with my ever-growing belly (I think it grew overnight last night), I probably should have sized or graded up in the waist. But they still look great and will last me until Christmas!

One of my sewing goals for 2016 is to master pattern matching--I didn’t do it super well here other than on the front/back crotch seams. The rest of the shorts is another story! But the pattern was an easy sew and I love the way they turned out. And the fabric makes me smile this time of year!


In addition to my PJs, I also made some quick-and-dirty throw pillows for our living room couch. I say “quick-and-dirty” because I just measured out four squares (for two pillow inserts), sewed three sides on each pair, stuck the inserts in and whip stitched the bottoms. Easy! And unless someone is really eyeing up my pillows they wouldn’t even know I didn’t finish them as professionally as I could have.


I even had some fabric leftover to make some fun bunting for our TV console. Needless to say we are ready for the holiday that’s happening in just a week’s time!

Thanks for reading about the trials and tribulations of my holiday sewing! Now that I’m in the spirit I have to go finish some gift sewing before Christmas Eve is here.