Hello fellow crafters!

Well this is my first Minerva Crafts Blogger Network make! I'm so excited to join the team of super talented bloggers already on the network. For my first project I think the hardest part was deciding on what to make. Working in a craft shop is so tempting all the time. The job I do means I get to see and choose many of our new products, so when it came to choosing my first Blogger Network project I already had too many makes on my 'to-do' list!

I have seen a lot of wreaths being made on Instagram lately and thought it would be a nice way to brighten up the house this Christmas. I also wanted my first make to be something quick and easy to do, so that a complete beginner to crafting could easily tackle it, or busy people on the run up to Christmas could squeeze it in.

So I put a kit together in my materials list that includes a polystyrene basegreen fabric, some yarn, fancy pins and different bits and bobs to decorate the wreath - everything you will need. Here's how I did it;

Take your fabric and cut into strips about 3"/7.5cm wide. You will need 3 or 4 of these.

Next lay the first strip on the back (the flat side) of the polystyrene wreath and pin.

Then start to wrap the fabric around the wreath. You really don't need to do this neatly. You won't really see much of this fabric when it's finished, the aim is just to cover the white of the polystyrene. The pins I put in the kit are gold pearl head ones which look lovely and so Christmassy. Not all of them will be seen (the pins on the back), but when we come to decorate the front of the wreath these are going to look beautiful. When you get to the end of this length of fabric, simply overlap the edge with the beginning of a new piece (at the back of the wreath), pin in place, and continue to wrap.

Do this until the whole wreath is covered. It's already starting to look Christmassy isn't it!

Now we want to work the yarn around the wreath. The yarn I chose is a woolly, bobbly textured yarn in various shades of green (unfortunately we have now sold out of this yarn, but this yarn would make a good alternative). To set off, simply find the end of the yarn (I say simply - that was probably the hardest part of this whole project!) and pin down at the back. When I started to wrap the yarn around the wreath I was conscious of how much yarn it would take to complete. I didn't want to use it too sparsely and be left with loads at the end. Likewise I didn't want to wrap it too closely together and need to get another ball. I went with gut instinct rather than try and work it out - and luckily it paid off first time! When you wrap the yarn around leave approx 1/2" or 1.5cm in between each strand and this works out perfectly. I love how the yarn turned out. It fades beautifully from light to dark green around the wreath and gives a wonderful texture.

The next job was to put the cord on which the wreath hangs on. For this I chose a new product which landed at Minerva Headquarters only a few weeks ago. It's a beautiful felt cord with a wire core. It's 9mm wide so it's nice and chunky too.

To add a bit of interest I folded the length in half and twisted the two strands together. Because it is wired the cord easily holds this shape and is pretty strong, so there are no worries on it not being able to hold the weight of the wreath. To attach it to the wreath, simply put the two ends on the back and pin down.

Now we can start decorating! There are so many options you could choose when making your own wreath. I chose felt balls (to make berries) and a gold bead trim, but you could always add other things too to make your wreath unique. I love red, green and gold for Christmas decorations don't you? This colour combination makes you instantly feel Christmassy!

To add the bead trim simply pin into place at the back and then wrap around.

I wrapped it quite loosely, otherwise the trim will get lost in the 'fullness' of the yarn. I wrapped it around 5 times because I wanted to put 5 bunches of felt ball 'berries' in between (always work in odd-numbers).

The last thing to do is to pin the berries in place. The felt balls in your kit come in all different shades of red, wine and plum. I chose to use the red and wine shades, to keep with the green, red and gold theme. You also get two different sizes of felt balls. I chose to put two large and a small one together in each cluster. Pin down with your pearl headed pins and voila!

It's as easy as that to create your own Wreath this Christmas. And this one can be brought out year after year. You could even alternate and decorate with different embellishments each year!

It's pictured here on my wall at home and looks quite lovely - even if I do say so myself. 

I hope you enjoyed my first Minerva Crafts Blogger Network Make and the mini-tutorial. If you have never made your own Christmas decorations before I hope this will inspire you to get crafting! Don't forget to share pictures of your finished wreaths or any other craft projects with us - we love to see what you have been making!

Happy crafting everyone... I'm off to start my next project!