I love to mix up the casual with a smart edge, so this month I opted to do another take on the zipper tee, this time with a more luxe feel—it is sewn in this beautiful golden ochre, ribbed fabric. The pattern is one I previously drafted from a ready to wear garment.
Because the fabric is already ribbed, it could also be used for the arm ribbing and neckbands. The jersey cuts very well with no fraying so, instead of a separate waistband, I actually just turned up the bottom edge and made a few stitches at the side seams and left the rest to curl up inside.
I tried to colour coordinate the zipper tape but replaced the standard zip pull with this antique metal effect pull. It was so easy to do—it took a few seconds to clip off the old one with a pair of pliers and then the new pull has a clasp mechanism that you can attach by hand.
The fabric catches the light beautifully… I’m not sure if you’d call it velvet or velour, but it’s lovely to touch and fairly weighty, making it an easy jersey to sew with.
On my previous zipper tee I wasn’t totally happy with the finish on the underside of the zip, and since I want the option to wear this garment with the zip open, I gave some thought to the inside of the zip. Last time I had a right faff trying to tidy it up, and ended up completing a hodge-podge of steps to make it look ‘okay’. Second time around, I used twill tape, which I’ve never done before but it gives a clean, professional finish. I definitely want to use this technique more often.
I could’ve hurried along and topstitched through the front piece from the outside to sandwich all the layers, but instead I wanted an invisible finish, so the zip is hand picked in place, with the twill then attached using a stitch in the ditch along the seam of the zip and front pieces.
I’m really happy with the finish and there’s nothing I would change about the final garment (for once!). Hopefully I’ll be onto making some jeans next month, that had been the plan for this make but things have been very tricky with the Covid-19 lockdown and I had to pick a quicker project for May. I hope everyone is keeping well and still managing to do the things they love in this strange time…
Happy sewing to you all, and see you next month.