For this month's Minerva Crafts blog post I chose a yarn project. I love the cotton blankets I've made but the 4 ply takes a certain amount of patience to see it grow.

This one is one of my favorites. You can read about it here.

I wondered if a cotton pram blanket in dk would look as pleasing and hoped would crochet up a little faster.

I chose Stylecraft's Classique Cotton DK in Ivory, Soft Lime and Sunflower. I used 2 balls of each and a 4mm crochet hook

It's a simple pattern. I found it on the Beans in a Pod blog.

Just Treble Crochet and Double Treble Crochet throughout.  I just added another row of ivory around each one.

I love them laid out like this.

I made 30 of them.

I crocheted my ends in where I could as I went along and joined them together using a crochet slip stitch, preferring not to get the needle out too often!

I bordered it with an ivory Treble Crochet row and a Double Crochet row of each of the yellow and green. It took me a couple of weeks of evenings, so really fast to work up.

I threw it in the washing machine on a wool cycle prior to laying out for blocking. I figure that if it is to be used for a baby it had better stand up to a few cycles in the washing machine, and it did.

I'm really pleased with the finished blanket. The cotton makes it soft but the dk gives a pleasant weight to it. I wouldn't hesitate to use the yarn again but feel Stylecraft should definitely be increasing this affordable cotton dk colour range.

Anyone having a baby?

Love, Lucie x