Hi Everyone, 
So for this month’s post I’ve gone back to look at more ‘staple’ pieces my wardrobe is missing. A few people in the sewing school have been making the classic Tilly and the Buttons Coco Pattern, and I realised I haven’t made one in years. I have two already, but as we all know, when you find a great pattern - you need one in every colour!
I wanted to make a simple Coco Dress with pockets, no cuffs, just an easy to wear striped dress. I wanted some gorgeous quality Ponte Roma. It’s got that beautiful feel yet has a little more weight (and warmth), so perfect for winter layering. I found this Stripe Ponte Roma Fabric and  knew it would be perfect. It’s just so soft and cosy, so I instantly got very excited about wearing it. 
Looking on Pinterest I saw a lot of people had made a ‘Stripey Coco’, and some combined a classic stripe with bright, contrast pockets. But I wanted to make full use of the stripes. I cut my little pockets in the same fabric, but turned the direction of the stripes to make them stand out. Of course I could have blended the pockets in by lining up the stripes, but I thought the change of direction was more playful. 
I didn’t add cuffs to this dress, I have a Coco dress with cuffs, but it’s harder to add layers. So I went for the simple sleeves. This fabric also gave me the opportunity to practice my stripe matching. It’s a good sized stripe so if you’re thinking about having a go, I’d definitely use this fabric. You just have to do tons of pinning. I used the overlocker to construct mine, so my stripe matching isn’t as perfect as I’d like, it’s a lot harder to line it up and take the pins out at the right moment. So if it’s your first time, use your normal machine and run it over your parallel pins. 
I have to say the fit of this pattern is perfect too. I’m always quite lucky with Tilly’s patterns, as I never seem to have to make many adjustments. This is the exact size for my measurements and personally I love the fit on me. I now think I need a top version in this fabric too. I might just have enough left!
So my summary; The Coco pattern is a great wardrobe staple you should all have in your stash. And making it in a simple striped knit fabric will be timeless. And practice your stripe matching - its a great skill to have.
I hope you like this month’s make. I had so much fun making it and I know I’ll wear this a lot. Plus it will be great in the spring too! Hope you’ve all been creating wonderful things lately. Oh and Merry Christmas!
Happy Handmade everyone!
Sophia x 
@Sew__Jessalli / jessalli.co.uk