It’s nearly impossible to get blog pictures these days! Perpetual rain keeps interfering. So apologies in advance for the less than perfect picture quality. I tried my best to work around the cold, drizzly weather. I’m actually impressed that the photos turned out as well as they did!

New Look 6000 is a classy sheath dress with flattering pleats at the waist side seam. I’ve loved this design detail on dresses for a long while but never thought to attempt making one until I spotted this pattern on Minerva.

Okay, I want to make a million versions of this dress. It is literally 5 pattern pieces and comes together really quickly! I chose version A but left off the waist flower. I made a straight size 14 but I really should have graded from a 14 to a 16 from the waist down.

The first time I tried on this dress I nearly died laughing. It was SO tight over the hips/bum! I’m talking second skin, “ain’t no way you’d ever hide panty lines” tight. I reduced the seam allowances to ¼” from the waist down and thankfully that was just enough room to be comfortable. It could probably do with being a smidge looser, but I absolutely love how it fits now.

I left out the center back vent because the instructions were not clear at all. I probably could have googled how to sew a skirt vent, but I didn't feel like it. And I don't really need it so I didn't bother.

The only other change I made was to swap out the recommended regular zipper with an invisible zipper. Invisible zippers may be a pain to work with, but they sure look nice and clean once installed!

In the past, I’ve avoided sheath dress styles like the plague. They’ve always intimidated me because of the necessity of getting the fit just right. But more recently I’ve wanted a few more slim skirts/dresses. Maybe I’m growing out of my “must wear puffy, poofy, froo-froo skirts at all times” phase. Who knows? The fact remains that this dress/pattern has come at the perfect time!

Other than the whole sausage casing debacle, this dress fits beautifully straight out of the envelope. I have a feeling I’ll be making at least a couple more versions of this dress. I’ve actually got my eye on some insanely bright and in-your-face floral print fabric that would look fantastic as one of these dresses. My only concern is that is might not be quite drapey enough to work with this design. The fabric I used here is Minerva's Twill Suiting Fabric in charcoal grey.

Those pleats though! Don’t they look amazing? They’re incredibly flattering and really quite simple to sew. I’m really curious to see how they’d look in a print. Can you imagine this dress in a stripe?? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Or a solid cherry red. Or a floral.

Honestly, the speed with which this dress came together has rather sparked my desire to sew a bit more. My creativity mo-jo has been nearly completely lacking the past few months which is why I’ve been largely MIA on social media/my blog. But maybe now I’ll whip up a bevy of New Look 6000 dresses and flood you with them!